Marvellous Macy

Lemar and Her Magical Pets

Brilliant Bob is Brave

I Love You Very Muchly

War At The Ice Cream Store

Zippy’s Special Gift

Rhythm Rescue

Cleo Can Tie A Bow

Let’s Talk! A Story of Autism and Friendship

A Thousand Minutes to Sunlight Middle grade

The Adventures of Bella Cutie and Buttons


Pennies from Heaven

Guardians of the Planet

The Beauty We See

The Tiger Like Me

Almondine Grows Up

One Big Canvas

Danny Mann Super Fan

Children’s Picture Books

Almondine’s Babies

Zebra’s Day Out

Kayla A Modern-Day Princess

Balloons for Tiger

Magical Neighbors

My First Book About Dinosaurs

Five Little Angels

Editor 911 Kids Books

Bobos Babes Adventures: The Missing Egg

Zinger in the Woods

The Problem With Poppy

Sleeping Beauty & The Cursed Code

Kip the Letter X

Summer Camp March


A Tiger Named Lee

Muddy Hands, Sudsy Hands

Bob the Banana Goes Bad

Crab, Dab, and Blenny

Bandits of Basswood

Swop The Satsuma-Sized Secret

Breakfast of Superheroes

I Miss School

Siggy Loves Sausages

D.M. Mullan’s Curious Tales

The Legend of Hobart

The Red Fence

Down With The Dance

We Can Color! Fun & Facts Coloring Books

SHELL The Horse Awakens

The Dragon and the Girl True North

The Triumphant Tails of Rescue Dogs Punk’s Plight

The Weaver’s Daughter

Fantastic Fin Faces His Fears

Journey To The Moon

Kyle and Corey and the Game-Story Mystery

The Whisker Twitchers

Greta Grace

My Cat Is Blue

While My Guitar Gently Sleeps

Mitchell Comes Home

The Dance of the Snow Tractors


Trygg The Dinosaur

I Am Me


It’s Ok To Have Feelings

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph

This is Clare

Erma Does the Math

Bessie Bibbs’ Ginormous Fibs

The King Who Didn’t Like Snow

Horsing Around

Dr Marsha and the Case of the Missing Hot Dogs and Marshmallows

I Am Not A Skunk

Avalina Jones and the Eye of the Storm

Cool Kids

Popper Finds A New Home

AI Club

Boy Between Worlds: The Novice Collector

The Sweetest Ladybug


From Small Beginnings

A Pony Named Winds of Spring

Oh What A Pickle!

Myrtle the Turtle

On An Animal Safari

The Mystery at Turkelton Manor

One Jar of Magic

I Love You Very Muchly!

Mrs P; Who Stole My Keys?

I Can Handle It

The Amazing Adventures of Jimmy Crikey (Middle Grade)

Under the Barnyard Light

M.C. Plays Hide & Seek

Dear Brave Friend

A Cat’s Guide to Bonding with Dragons

The Sea in Winter

Who Loves the Dragon?

First Light in Morning Star

I Miss You Most

The Thankful Unicorn Dream

Brother Bears Tragic Day

Pierre the Peacock

Little Possum and Little Sweatpea

Dream It & Do It

Journey to Zentobia

Hopscotch and the Case of the Missing Memories

Mia and Nattie One Great Team

Dragons Don’t Dance Ballet

The Franklin Chemists

What Is A Dream?

In the Nick of Time

Oliver The Ornament

Colorful Tales

This Is The Earth

Ruby’s Christmas Gifts

Claris – 4 Book Set

Mightier Than The Sword: Edge of the Word

The Dragon in the Closet

Akea: His Mother’s Son

The Lantern Fairy

Mightier Than The Sword

The Dragon’s Song (Middle Grade)

The Infamous Frankie Lorde (Middle Grade)

A Peculiar Royal (Middle Grade)

How the Strawberry Got Its Seeds

Santa: An Interview

Never Let A Unicorn Scribble

Seeds and Trees

When the World Stays Inside

Tiny Explorers: Into the Wild

Halloween Jokes and Riddles for Kids

Maisy and the Mystery Manor (Middle Grade)


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