Bessie Bibbs’ Ginormous Fibs

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

Bessie Bibbs’ Ginormous Fibs by Chris Jones 

Book Tour 15th – 26th Nov 

Genre: Children’s rhyming picture books

Age: 3-7 

Bessie Bibbs' Ginormous Fibs Cover


Bessie Bibbs’ just can’t help but tell fibs. And whilst her intentions are good, they keep getting her into trouble … with very messy consequences! 

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My Review

Bessie Bibbs tells Ginormous Fibs! Every day she takes a walk and loves to stop and talk. When she does she finds folks who are having trouble. She fibs and tells them that she can fix anything. Then she promptly makes a huge mess of things and makes their problems much worse. But, she doesn’t seem to learn. She tears up a car engine, a computer, and more! Her friends are really mad that she lied to them so they decide to teach her a lesson. They call the owner of the Ice Cream Truck, who pretends that her ice cream machine isn’t working. Bessie Bibbs’ tells her that she is great at fixing things. Children will love to see how this story ends.

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