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Title: Avalanche Series: Off the Itinerary #1 Author: M. Liz Boyle Publisher: Independently Published Release Date: September 26, 2019 Genre: Christian middle-grade/YA, Adventure“Avalanche surprised me with its depth…a 5-star read…” -For the Love of LiteratureFive friends. One moonlit summit. An unforgettable journey. Excitement hangs in the air as Marlee and her sisters join their friends on a daring hike up a Colorado mountain – in the middle of the night. When Sawyer first proposes the idea of a moonlit summit during the two families’ annual backpacking trip, Marlee is terrified but also hooked. Having grown up taking trips to the mountains, they’ve learned a thing or two about hiking, and Sawyer is confident they’ll be back by sunrise. But when disaster strikes, their knowledge, faith, and stamina will be put to the test. Digging out of the cemented snow is the first of many challenges in the coming days, and now Marlee has to trust Sawyer, who, by the way, was the brain behind the dilemma. Will their faith and friendship survive, or will they cave under pressure? This engaging journey, told by fifteen-year-old Marlee Stanley, captures a timeless sense of adventure. The five young adults strive to exhibit godly character throughout their escapade, but it will take immense strength to hike out of this mess. “I know that if their journey inspired me, it will certainly inspire others…Boyle has brought YA fans an uplifting, adventurous novel.” -A Baker’s PerspectivePURCHASE LINKS*: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | BookDepository | IndieBound

Title: Chased Series: Off the Itinerary #2 Author: M. Liz Boyle Publisher: Independently Published Release Date: June 1, 2020 Genre: Christian middle-grade/YA, Adventure“Chased would be a great addition to a k-12 Christian school library. Middle schoolers and up will enjoy it.” – Library Lady’s Kid Lit It’s been a year since Marlee, her sisters, and the Miles boys survived an avalanche. Sure, it was a little embarrassing for them when all the neighbors saw them on the news, but they love being outdoors, and what are the odds that another tragedy would strike this adventurous group? Has anyone calculated the statistics of being hit with two natural disasters? It has to be low, so of course the two families planned to backpack again this summer. When the teens first meet Thad, a dehydrated hiker on the trail, they give him water and food and help him recover. He seems harmless until he tells them to hike a few extra miles at sunset. Then Lydie finds a hand-drawn map that Thad dropped, and they discover why he is so eager to get away from the Stanley girls and Miles boys. So eager that he starts chasing them. Now they have to climb up unforgiving ridges, sneak through the night, and – is that thunder and lightning? To make matters worse, Marlee has a nagging worry that her older sister Ellie is preparing to move away from home. What is God’s plan? How will they get away from Thad before it’s too late? “…realistic, exciting, and suspenseful…Chased is the perfect sequel to Avalanche. It’s gripping, suspenseful, entertaining, and, best of all, Christian.” -David M., Beta Reader

PURCHASE LINKS*: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | BookDepository

Title: Ablaze Series: Off the Itinerary #3 Author: M. Liz Boyle Publisher: Independently Published Release Date: June 1, 2020 Genre: Christian middle-grade/YA, Adventure“M. Liz Boyle tackles the topic of showering difficult people with grace and forgiveness, making this a must-read for Christian teens. Adventure seekers who loved Avalanche and Chased will fall head-over-heels for the adventure that heats up in Ablaze!” – Author Allyson Kennedy This summer the Stanley sisters and the Miles boys are excited to hike together again, and now they have the unique opportunity to help two of their ranger friends with an outdoor program in the beautiful Montana mountains. Marlee has always considered herself a willing follower. Give her a direction and she’s happy to help. Her older sister Ellie is a natural leader, and Marlee is content in her role as assistant. Marlee and her sisters have been assigned to help with Ranger Rose’s team, and they are savoring the adventure. But in a heartbeat while the group is divided by a few hundred feet, fire breaks out between Ranger Rose and Marlee’s group. In this enthralling finale to the Off the Itinerary series, Marlee must face her fears with courage that only God can provide.

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M. Liz Boyle is an author, the wife of a professional tree climber and the mom of three energetic and laundry-producing children. She received her Associate’s of Arts at the University of Sioux Falls, where she received the LAR Writing Award for her essay entitled, “My Real Life Mufasa.” Liz once spent a summer in Colorado teaching rock climbing, which she believes was a fantastic way to make money and memories. She resides with her family in Wisconsin, where they enjoy hiking and rock climbing. Liz and her husband have also backpacked in Colorado and the


We all looked at him with surprise, and I must admit I was slightly alarmed. He shrugged
and said, “Not everyone in the backcountry is good. Once in a while a person can meet up with a
bad group.”

What is he talking about? Backpackers are generally harmless people. Usually we’re
stinky, and some hikers are a bit eccentric, but not dangerous. I studied Thad’s face, trying to
make sense of his last statement. Did he think we’re a bad group? Or was he making some
unusual joke? Sneaking a peek toward Sawyer, I saw that he too was staring at Thad, no doubt
having the same thoughts as me. I was struck with a terrifying thought that shocked my mind like
a bolt of lightning: could Thad be a threat to us?


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The Boy and the Tree Book Tour

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.


The Boy and the Tree by Marleen Lammers & Anja Stoeckigt

25th July – 12th August 

Genre: Children’s Picture Book 

Age: 5-7 years

Pages: 32 

Publisher: Tiny Tree 


The Boy and the Tree is a wondrous story, told in rhyme, following a young boy’s search for fun and adventure with a strong environmental message. Written to inspire young people to rediscover the joys of outside, illustrated perfectly with a clean, inviting, and friendly art style.

About the Author

Marleen (pronounced ‘Marlayne’) is a freelance writer with a newfound love for writing children’s literature. She can’t believe her luck that kids now get to read her stories, and she plans on writing many more. Marleen grew up in the Netherlands but moved around more than she ever planned to. She spent most of the past fifteen years in different countries in Southern Africa, where she worked with nonprofit organizations. After a pitstop in Spain for a few years, she now lives in lovely Devon with her partner and their two boys. While she’s happiest when writing, Marleen also runs a couple of social businesses; a photography social enterprise and a company that arranges work placements with NGOs in Africa.

About the Illustrator

Anja Stoeckigt is a self-taught illustrator with an appreciation for the peculiar and everyday

beautiful. She runs her own company, Paper Tales ( and spends her day creating quirky stationery products, portraits, and framable prints. ‘The Boy and the Tree’ is the second of numerous picture books Anja has illustrated.

My Review

I love the sweet story with the whimsical illustrations in The Boy and the Tree. All children can relate to climbing up a hill on a lovely day and feeling bored. The little boy fails to notice all the little woodland creatures surrounding him. As he feels sad, the big tree speaks to him and tells him of all the adventures they could take in the tree.

Next come page after beautiful page of illustrations of all the imaginary trips they make with his new friends, the little animals. By the end of the day the little boy is tired and takes a nap with his new friends.

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Shoal Waters Blog & Review Blitz

Shoal Waters JustRead Blog + Review Blitz

Welcome to the Blog + Review Blitz for Shoal Waters by Normandie Fischer, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


Shoal Waters

Title: Shoal Waters Series: Carolina Coast Stories #6 Author: Normandie Fischer Publisher: Sleepy Creek Press Release Date: June 14, 2022 Genre: Inspirational/Clean Women’s Fiction Dementia, mad gunmen, and a yearning for something more make life difficult for the Beaufort folk in this series finale. Georgie’s mind threatens to go walkabout, and she’d better get help soon if she’s to stop her daughter from taking over. Enter granddaughter, Jeminy, a songwriter from L.A., and Eric, her lawyer. Jeminy hates herself and is pretty sure God does, too. There’s that huge unforgiveable sin, plus the boyfriend/manager who dumped her and lost her a music deal. Her mistakes. Her fault. When Mother plots to tuck Nana Georgie neatly into a nursing home to gain access to Nana’s money, Jeminy hightails it out of L.A. and back to Beaufort. God may still hate her in North Carolina, but at least she’ll be on hand to protect her beloved grandmother. Enter Eric, the lawyer hired to help Georgie protect herself–and possibly Jeminy, too. But Eric just rescued his orphaned stepson from Social Services, and while he’s adept at legal briefs and courtroom dramas, classrooms and angry second graders are brand new territory. Guitar in hand, Jeminy tries to write songs to jumpstart her flagging career, but when someone threatens her life, she has to ask why. Could it have to do with the money missing from her bank accounts (and maybe her unstable ex)? If she prays for help, will God even listen to someone with her baggage? With the help of the Beaufort crew, a new father and a terrified musician struggle to safeguard everyone they love, but it’s going to take more than good neighbors to show each of them the true meaning of grace. PURCHASE LINKS*: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | BookDepository | IndieBound | BookBub


Heavy Weather
Twilight Christmas
Sailing out of Darkness
The Sea Prayers


And, in the process of bringing it [the phone] to her ear, she lost her last
thought. It had been there, hadn’t it, because she was holding the phone in her
hand. But why? Who had she intended to call?
Closing her eyes, she shuddered.
Her mind kept tripping off like this, willy-nilly, as if it had decided to go
walkabout, leaving the rest of her behind. Feeling this, knowing it, made a spasm
roil up from low in her belly. She swiped at a tear because this could not be
happening. It couldn’t. Yet look at her, staring at the phone, no clue as to why she
held it. Was she about to call someone? Had she already made a call?
She couldn’t remember. She could not remember.
And, oh, my, when had those veins started protruding right below her
knuckles? Look at the brown spots.
What on earth was she supposed to do with the phone?
She put it down on the kitchen counter. Maybe enlightenment would come as
she fixed herself a cup of tea. The heat of it would be good for her bones, and
maybe it would unjumble her thoughts.


Normandie Fischer

Normandie Fischer had the best of several worlds: a Southern heritage, access to schooling in the DC area (which meant lots of cultural adventures), and several years of sculpture studies in Italy. It might have been better for her if she’d used all these opportunities more wisely, but it’s possible that the imperfect and the unwise also add fodder for the artist and the writer. Her life changed radically when she married the love of her life at an age when some would have said she was over the hill and way past her prime. (Clichés often speak the truth, don’t they?) A lifelong sailor, she was delighted to find that Michael also longed to cruise lovely waters, which is what they did from Northern CA to Mexico, spending too-few years in the incomparable Sea of Cortez. Sea Venture, their 50′ ketch, is back home in North Carolina now because Normandie’s mama needed care. Still, it’s gorgeous there, too, and she can write from home as easily as she could on the boat. Her two grown children and two step-sons are handsome (or gorgeous, as the case may be), talented, and a delight. And now there’s a granddaughter and grandson in the mix–woohoo! She just wishes they lived a lot closer to home.

Connect with Normandie by visiting to follow her on social media or subscribe to email newsletter updates.


(1) winner will receive a $25 Amazon gift card and one signed book written by Normandie Fischer (winner’s choice)!

Shoal Waters JustRead Giveaway

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The Power of Food Prep Release Blitz


Take the Stress Out of Meal Planning with the Gourmet Done Skinny Method

Nonfiction / Weight-Loss / Meal Prep / Cooking

Date Published: Aug 9, 2022

Publisher: Elite Online Publishing


Who has time to cook everyday? And who wants to?

If you’re like most busy people who often resort to ordering out or paying too much at restaurants when you’re too exhausted to cook, there’s a better way. With meal planning and prep, you can have healthy, gourmet, home-cooked meals everyday by cooking only a few days a week. You don’t have to be a “Type A” person and have every meal planned out on the calendar for this to work for you. You don’t have to spend a fortune on kitchen gadgets or spend hours on the weekend cooking for the week.

The Gourmet Done Skinny Meal Method is the best solution for busy foodies to save time, save money, and cut calories. So, roll up your sleeves, put on your apron, grab a notebook, and get ready to learn the power of food prep with the Gourmet Done Skinny Meal Method.

You will learn: 

●     an easy way to prep healthy meals that doesn’t require you to spend the entire day in the kitchen

●     a simple method to cook only a few hours a week and pull out quick meals on other days

●     a solution that doesn’t require you to eat the same thing five days in a row

●     the basic tools you need to meal prep without collecting a bunch of gadgets you’ll never use again

●     time-saving tips and tricks to set you up for success

About the Author

Amy Lawrence is the CEO of Gourmet Done Skinny. She has combined her talents and love of cooking to produce healthy gourmet recipes for her company and food blog A former restaurant owner and tea blender, she has been in the food and tea industry officially since 2003 but jokes it has been her “calling” since the day she was born. She has taught numerous cooking classes, written more than 14 books, has produced numerous instructional cooking videos and continues to keep up with her weekly recipe blog. Her former tearoom won best small tearoom in the US in 2004. Amy is dedicated to showing others you don’t have to suffer eating boring, bland meals in order to lose weight and be your best self. She developed her Gourmet Done Skinny Meal Method to show busy foodies how with minimal planning and prep they can enjoy these healthy, gourmet, home-cooked meals all week long. A military brat, born in Germany, Amy has lived all over the US and Germany. She earned a MS in Special Education, as well as a BS in Education and German, all from Kansas State University. While in Germany, she earned an AA degree from the University of Maryland’s Munich, Germany campus.  Amy currently resides in the Pacific Northwest and is building a home in Idaho. She loves to travel with her family and has been all over the world, including visits to China, Russia, Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, Poland, India, and Nepal.

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Gertrude Book Tour

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.  Affiliate link included. Full disclosure here.

Gertrude by D.M. Mullan & Kirsteen Harris-Jones 

25th July – 11th August  

Genre: Children’s 

Pages: 32

Publisher: Tiny Tree 


The artwork in Gertrude really captured my attention right away! I noticed it was so different and because i loveaIdon’t know if I’ll get some of that with my gift box. If you remember, I already reviewed the book, Hector Van Groat. Once again, I love the artwork and unique fonts used. Children love all the various curly fonts and exagerated drawings.

Gertrude lived in a huge treehouse in a lake. In the past there had been wonderful animals, fish, and plants galore in the lake. But, now there was so much trash and slime in the water. It was filledwith garbage. Gertrude decided to clean out the lake herself. She tried to pull the objects out with a rope, but it as too difficult.

Gertrude really needed some help. Do you think that she was able to clean up the lake or did she move to another town? Children will jump right in and want to help Gertrude.

Gertrude Cover


If you think that pollution is not your concern, then like little Gertrude you’ve got lots to learn. She lies in her treehouse like the laziest lump, and shouts from her hammock across the whole dump: “Are you totally crazy? Are you out of your tree? It’s not that I’m lazy, it’s just not up to me!”

About the Author

D.M. Mullan is a world-travelled author from County Derry, Northern Ireland. Now living in Belfast with her family, the author will launch the ‘D.M. Mullan’s Curious Tales’ series in 2021; her first work for children.

About the illustrator

Kirsteen Harris-Jones is an illustrator with a colourful past. She’s worked at a variety of creative, graphic and animation studios since 1990. Her work has been published by Random House, Egmont, Bloomsbury, Little Tiger, and more.


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Inventions of the Heart Reviewer Tour

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion. 


Inventions of the Heart by Mary Connealy

Series: The Lumber Baron’s Daughters #2

Release Date: July 5, 2022

Genre: Christian, Historical/Western Romance

My Review

I’m not one to be a fan of westerns, but aside from all the horses and outlaws I wouldn’t really think of this as a western. This book is just a very entertaining story of good families that work together to make all their lives better. It’s also the story of some terrible families and people who only care about themselves and will commit any offense in order to get what they want.

It’s the second book of a series, and I’ll be eager to read the other books in this series. The writing is great and I was sold on the first page. This book has a lot of characters, but the main two are Michelle and Zane. Zane owns the Two Harts Ranch, which is mainly a cattle ranch. He has plenty of workers and also others that live on the vast property, who were part of a missionary group.

He has recently had two new guests, Michelle and Zilly Stiles, who are the sisters of the lumber magnate. They’re in hiding from their wicked step-father who desires to marry them off to horrible old men so that he can gain control of the fortune and business. These highly-educated girls were trained in engineering and building.

The story is complex, but easy enough to follow. It’s very exciting and you’ll find yourself almost holding your breath, hoping that the good guys can succeed at every turn. The bad guys are offered chances to turn from their evil ways and give their hearts to God, but they don’t. I know you’ll enjoy this rip-roaring western with enough romance for all of us.

@2022, copyright Lisa Ehrman