Starting this blog comes from a desire to share really good books. The book-world is filled with noise. My goals is to serve you by giving honest reviews of many books that are deemed valuable to your family.

I grew up in the deep South, where I learned to mind my manners. Most of my adult life was spent in Virginia. This is where I married my soul mate and had three children (and three miscarriages). I have lived in many homes and love all types of architecture and a variety of decor styles. Life has taken us to the midwest and we love the friendly people here!

My educational background is in music education and general education. I earned a M.Ed in my forties and learned how much research is fun for me! Somebody has to love it….right? Loving research made it easier to homeschool my children, which I did for 20 years. It was challenging and rewarding to spend so much time with my children and really watch them grow up.

Two children are married and one is working on his doctorate in math. I’m the most blessed grandmom ever with my precious grandson. Visiting with my children and grandchild fills me with pure joy!

I love the journey I’m on, learning each day to find beauty in the simple things. Reading lovely books and sharing them with you is the entire purpose of my writing.