The Adventures of Bella Cutie and Buttons

Cover of The Adventures of Bella Cutie and Buttons

The Adventures of Bella Cutie and Buttons by Desi Cloete

  • Publisher : The Conrad Press (14 Aug. 2020)
  • Language : English
  • Paperback : 64 pages


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‘The Adventures of Bella Cutie and Buttons’ is a funny and truly endearing story about the friendship between a little girl and a fox cub. Bella is a happy child who is curious about the world. Meeting the talkative fox cub Buttons opens her eyes to the beautiful natural world and amazing wildlife on her doorstep. The two friends get up to many funny escapades and the occasional bit of trouble, all portrayed in a charming and light-hearted way. This feel-good book is sure to bring a smile to both children`s and parents` faces.

Desi Cloete, Author


The author, Desi Cloete, lives in the picturesque Surrey Hills with her husband and six-year-old daughter. A keen reader from a young age, she discovered a passion for writing and illustrating short stories. Desi hopes her book will inspire children to value nature and develop an interest in wildlife conservation.

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My Review

Bella Cutie is a sweet little girl who lives in Southern England with her parents. She meets a little fox cub in her backyard playhouse, when she leaves an oat cookie inside at night. She discovers that the fox’s name is Buttons and he can talk. Buttons lives in the nearby woods and is missing his mother. One day, she just disappeared and Buttons is staying in the den in case she returns.

Bella and Buttons soon become wonderful friends and enjoy playing in the playhouse and backyard. Bella asks her parents if they would accompany Buttons and her on a walk in the woods. Buttons introduces Bella to many woodland animals. Over the summer, the two are inseparable as they have many adventures. They have tea parties and many walks. One day, as they are walking in the woods, a storm has come. Bella and Buttons get separated from Bella’s parents. Then, Buttons seems to vanish and Bella is frightened. She hurries along to a little teepee that she and her parents had built a while ago. There she is safe and dry and falls asleep. Buttons runs to find her parents and they all go to find her.

After many more fun outings, Buttons comes home to find that his mother has returned. She had been injured and rescued. After her wounds healed, she came back home. But, her sad news made Buttons cry. His mother said that they must move to live with other foxes. So, Bella and Buttons have one more day to play together. When the entire group heads to the woods something happens to Buttons. He disappears and his mother can hear him crying. Will he be rescued? Will Buttons and his mother move away? Will Bella ever see Buttons again?

Youngsters will love having this book read aloud to them. It would make a great bedtime read, because each chapter can be read one at a time. The story is cheerful and little ones will be delighted by the fox cub who can talk and play with his young human friend.

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