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Zebra’s Day Out

by Susan Polites and Gabrielle Scully Illustrated by Rex Patrick


GENRE:   Children’s



Zebra is excited when he hears that he will be going out to the cafe with Gabrielle and Gran. But there is a lot that Zebra still has to learn about days out. Is a cafe anything like the circus in the picture book? Will he like the food there? Will there be playing?


Gran and Gabrielle put on their hats and their sunglasses, and they walked to the café. Gran pushed the stroller, and Zebra rode on the top. He was very happy to be outside in the sunshine.

“I wish I was big and strong so I could push the stroller,” he thought. “I would go much faster than Gran!”

They came to the café and sat down at a table. The waiter came, and they all said what food they wanted. “The food will come soon,” said the waiter and moved on. Zebra was cross. He wanted his food NOW. Rainbow didn’t mind waiting, as long as she could have cuddles with Gabrielle while she waited.

Finally the drinks came. The waiter was carrying the milkshakes and coffee on a tray. There was a plate of muffins too. Zebra thought the waiter looked like the circus juggler in the storybook.

“I want to be a juggler too!” he thought.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Susan Polites is a freelance story-writer, and her ten-year-old granddaughter Gabrielle Scully likes writing stories too. When they spend days together they often share in the adventures of Gabrielle’s toy-friends. During the pandemic lockdown in Melbourne they were unable to meet in person, so they decided to work together remotely and write down some of the toy-friends’ adventures. Gabrielle’s great-grandfather Rex Patrick, an architect and artist, had done a series of illustrations when he first heard about the adventures, and Gabrielle added some of her own drawings to make the story into an early-childhood picture book, and a family project.














My Review

Gabrielle’s mother will be out for a little while, so Gran comes over to stay with him. Gabrielle wanted to bring his favorite toys when they all headed out for the day. Zebra was the most important toy, but sometimes he caused trouble. And, this time was no different.

At the cafe, Zebra caused trouble by throwing the water in the air and being naughty. Gran paid quickly and they all went to have a picnic outdoors. This was much more pleasant, because Zebra had grass, which was what he wanted. Children will love the story of the child and his favorite toys and the imaginative tale of their adventures.


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