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I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

Journey to the Moon by Ed Goodwin

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107 pages

Children’s Fiction – age 9 – 12 years

Fantasy, reality and humour are blended in three adventures. 
Nothing is as it seems as two young girls go to the moon, present a unique style of Punch and Judy and try to look after a unicorn.
In ‘Journey to the Moon’, with the help of a possibly over-optimistic dad and practical mum, two young sisters make their dream visit to the moon and back despite numerous setbacks. 
In ‘Punch and Judy’ the question of what would happen if violence was banned in Punch and Judy shows is explored. In the story ‘Unicorn Tale’, looking after a unicorn presents more challenges than expected, especially when it disappears into a dream world.

My Review

One of the best parts of being a young child is the vivid imagination they possess. Imagination can turn any object into a magical thing and any day into an unforgettable one. The two young sisters in the book, Suzy and Connie, live a life filled with the unlimited adventures of imagination.

In this book, the reader will discover three charming stories. Each story involves Suzy, Connie, and their parents, who live in a village outside of Nottingham, England. The little girls are typical sisters. They sometimes argue, and always want things that they can’t have. Their parents go the extra mile to help them have a very special childhood.

The first story is my favorite of the three. In Journey to the Moon, the little girls want to take a trip to the moon. After telling them over and over that it’s impossible for children to go the moon, the girls don’t give up asking. What could parents do? You’ll love the story and the lengths the parents will go to embrace their daughters’ imaginations.

Punch and Judy might be better understood by British readers, but most of us know a little bit about the classic puppet duo. This story is cute and shorter than the other two.

Unicorn Tale will be a favorite with children because….unicorns! I love how these stories are fun for adults to read and not even they can’t tell how the story will end. I plan to read these stories to my grandchildren when they get a little bit older. These will be perfect for bedtime stories and I plan to read a chapter each night until the book is finished. I know that they’ll beg me to read more.

Author, Ed Goodwin

Ed Goodwin is a retired IT project manager who lives in Coventry. He is a chess coach working with schoolchildren and adults. He also helps blind and partially sighted people to use computers and in creative writing classes. During the first Covid lockdown his five young grandchildren were his inspiration to start writing and recording children’s stories. Ed is also a keen but slow runner, having completed five half marathons. 

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