Under The Barnyard Light Review

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Under the Barnyard Light

Author: Carla Crane Osborne

Illustrator: Brandon Dorman

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Under the Barnyard Light Book Cover

My Review

A magical, rhyming book like this one will have your child begging for you to read it over and over to them at bedtime. This charming book brings children a timeless story of a little girl doing her evening chores.

A little girl with red hair and matching red snow boots is helping her dad with farm chores in the evening by the lone pole light. This light overshadows the entire barnyard and casts a beautiful glow on the snow and the animals.

She loves feeding the calves and watching them play as the snowflakes fall. But, her favorite animal is the horse. She enjoys stroking his mane and giving him his food.

I love the old-fashioned story book with realistic illustrations. The coloring is rich and the lighting whimsical.

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  1. Great grand kids. Thank you.

  2. I would read this book to my grandsons.

  3. A great book with beautiful illustrations! If you have kids, I recommend it. My two little horse experts loved this book =)

  4. I like that it is a rhyming book. Those are my favorite kinds to read to the kids.

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