AI Club: Elementary and Primary Book Series Review

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AI book series

What is AI? Do your children know much about AI? The book series I’m reviewing is designed to make AI easy to understand for children. Because we’re surrounded by AI, it’s important for children to understand.

AIClub.World is an organization focused on bringing Artificial Intelligence (AI) Education to K-12 students worldwide. Since their formation about 2 years ago, they have taught more than 3000 kids around the world, who have learned AI and used it to build over 500 projects and gather 18 international competition wins.

This book series (7 books) to help kids ages 4-7 understand how AI is used all around them – from Digital Assistants to AIs on Phones, to Self Driving Cars and more. Each book is filled with fun facts that show kids how AI is part of their world and how it benefits them.

The books in the series are:

  • AI In Your Life
  • How Do Self Driving Cars Work
  • How Do Digital Assistants Work
  • How Does AI Help The Earth
  • AI In Space
  • How Does AI Help Our Health
  • AI In Our Phones
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These books are very impressive in their look and content. These books are designed and written by PHDs from top universities. They are illustrated wonderfully to capture the attention of the children who read them. There are tons of graphics to help children understand what is being taught. These are educational, but also fun. Your children will love the activities.

This book series would be a terrific resource for homeschool families. Kids can have their interest sparked in many directions when they read these books and enjoy the activities. I recommend them for those who want to introduce the concepts of AI and the benefits to our world.

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