Four Magical And Mysterious Books For The Middle Grades

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One Jar of Magic

Written by Corey Ann Haydu

Publisher’s Synopsis: Magic is like a dream. Delightful. Terrifying. Unreal.

Rose Alice Anders is Little Luck. Lucky to be born into the Anders family. Lucky to be just as special and magical as the most revered man in town—her father. The whole town has been waiting for Rose to turn twelve, when she can join them in their annual capturing of magic on New Year’s Day and become the person she was born to be.

But when that special day finally comes, Rose barely captures one tiny jar of magic. Now Rose’s dad won’t talk to her anymore and her friendships have gotten all twisted and wrong. So when Rose hears whispers that there are people who aren’t meant for magic at all, she begins to wonder if that’s who she belongs with.

Maybe if she’s away from all the magic, away from her dad telling her who she’s meant to be, who she has to be, Rose can begin to piece together what’s truly real in a world full of magic.

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Ages 8-12 | 352 Pages | Publisher: HarperCollins | ISBN-13: 9780062689856

The Magic Water by Roderick J. Robison

Goodread says:

A chapter book for ages 8-12 from the author of The Principal’s Son and Middle School Millionaires.

When Travis Macgregor headed down to the river that day, he didn’t pay any attention to the weather. His mind was on fishing; he did not notice the approaching storm clouds. Suddenly, the sky unleashed heavy winds and rain; he was ill prepared. Luck is on his side though. In the ravine, behind the secluded cove he had been fishing, Travis finds a cave—a dry place to wait for the storm to pass. Inside the cave is a pool of water. Crystal clear water. Travis doesn’t give the water a second thought; he never would have guessed that his life would soon be turned upside down because of the water…

Dotty and the Calendar House Key

By Emma Warner-Reed

Award-winning fiction from #1 bestselling children’s author, Emma Warner-Reed. According to Goodread:

Following the death of her parents in a tragic firework accident, nine and a half year old Welsh girl, Dotty Parsons, is sent to live with her Great Uncle Winchester at The Calendar House – a vast old country house in deepest, darkest Yorkshire.

Once there, Dotty is disturbed by noises coming from the chimneys and soon suspects everything is not as it seems. The cook tells her the noises are just jackdaws nesting. But in December – surely that can’t be right, can it?

The Journey of the Fairy

By Diana Molly

Adventure & Fantasy Books for Girls 9-12, Goodread says:
Fairy Camellia is surprised when she is woken up from her sleep in Fairyland only to find out that there is a war starting in her forest. Camellia is almost sure it’s the wicked fairy named Muddy, but she still has to discover the reason.
When no one wants to accompany her on her scary and dangerous journey to Swampdirt except two small butterflies, she faces her fears and realizes that determination is the key to success.
The wicked fairy is too evil, but how far can kindness go? Can Camellia win her? Discover with Camellia the most important secret that’s more powerful than magic itself.


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