I Am Not A Skunk Book Review

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I Am Not A Skunk by Ellen J Pilch

Illustrated by Nicolas Peruzzo

I Am Not a Skunk is Ellen Pilch’s second picture book. It is about a homeless kitty excited to find a family, but must first convince them she is not a skunk. It is loosely based on how the author’s cat, Emmy came to live with her. You can read more about Emmy and her family on the blog, 15andmeowing. com.

Ellen J Pilch

Ellen J Pilch lives in Western Massachusetts. Cats are her greatest love as well as her inspiration for writing. She has been married since 1992; her husband’s cat was the first cat she ever owned and there has been no stopping her since then. The couple currently have 13 indoor only cats that she writes about on her blog, 15andmeowing.

The author has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education and Psychology. Prancie’s Prayer is her first children’s book. She has also had a story published in Black Cats Tell All.

I Am Not A Skunk Instagram

My Review

I Am Not A Skunk tells the story of Kitty, who was lost. This black and white cat was very furry and very hungry. We don’t know how she got lost, but she misses her home and food. As Kitty comes upon a little girl, Sarah, and her aunt, she notices they are planting flowers. Sarah asks her Uncle David if she can feed the cat, but he thinks Kitty is a skunk. He tells her to stay away from the skunk.

Kitty is very hungry and then gets wet from the sprinkler. What will Kitty do? How can Sarah show her uncle that Kitty is really a cat? Children will enjoy the cute cartoon illustrations and funny tale.

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  1. Sounds like a great children’s book and I like your review, Lisa! Thanks for sharing it with me and have a spectacular holiday season!

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