Muddy Hands, Sudsy Hands Book Review

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion. Affiliate links included.

Muddy Hands, Sudsy Hands cover

Muddy Hands, Sudsy Hands

Author: Christine Prill

Illustrator: John Konecyn

My Review

With the current emphasis on hand-washing and protection from viruses, we are reminded of what our mothers always told us: Washing hands the right way will help us to stay healthier and keep germs away from our mouth and face.

Muddy Hands, Sudsy Hands is a charming book for young children that will make a parent’s job easier. The story is about a little boy who loves to play outside and get dirty. His parents tell him that he must wash his hands before he eats. He imagines sitting down to his meal with dirt, mud, and germs on his hands. He realizes that this would be terrible.

The little boy washes his hands and his mother reminds him to count to twenty to get them good and clean. After washing and rinsing well, the little boy sits down to delicious pancakes.

The rhyming in the book is well written and the artwork is crisp and cheerful. The characters have very expressive faces and the backgrounds are lovely. Young children will really enjoy having this book read to them.

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