When The World Stays Inside

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When the World Stays Inside
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When The World Stays Inside is an ode to 2020. This cute children’s book is written by Mikey Woz and illustrated by Sara Panchaud. The lyrical text is similar to Dr Seuss books.

The cartoon-type characters show all the things that have happened as families have stayed indoors during the 2020 pandemic.

This book shows the positive things to be gained instead of the negative outlooks of children and parents. There is one page after another of fun things that children and families can do when they have to stay inside.

The 18-page book has modern color combinations in the artwork and there is so much action and joy in the illustrations! Children will certainly get lost in all the colors and smiles. They even devote a page to my favorite: quarantine haircuts.

As we’ve all learned during the quarantine, the memories made during these trying times will long endure. We will remember the good things and the good times spent with family.

The book can be read on Kindle or in paperback. This timely book is sure to please and I recommend it.

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