To Love a Viking Review

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.


To Love a Viking by Heather Day Gilbert & Jen Cudmore

Get swept up in an enthralling new romance series featuring women who rule the hearts of Viking men.

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Series: Tavland Vikings #1
Publisher: WoodHaven Press
Release Date: June 27, 2022
Genre: Historical/Viking Romance, Christian

Get swept up in an enthralling new romance series featuring women who rule the hearts of Viking men.

Forced into a financially advantageous marriage that spirals into a nightmare, Ellisif cannot help but imagine what might have been and ache for what was lost. The only lights in her life are her daughters and the friendships she’s forged with the household servants.

Though seven years have passed since Ellisif wed another man, Dagar still cannot forget the woman who captured his youthful heart. As the Viking warrior battles for his country’s future, he finds himself entangled in a personal war for Ellisif’s freedom that could cost his family their reputation and standing with the king. If he risks all, can he save the woman whose face still haunts his dreams? And if given another chance, will she choose him?

Escaped slave Inara is determined to start a new life. Under the guidance of warrior and shipbuilder Håkon, her sword skill grows, as does her confidence that the Viking men will accept her as a warrior in her own right.

When she is selected to lead a perilous rescue mission to protect Ellisif, Inara finds herself blindsided by feelings for Håkon…and by threats to her freedom far closer than she feared. As dreams and desires collide, she wrestles against the lies holding her captive. Can she conquer her doubts before all that she’s hoped for slips from her hands?

Written by award-winning historical author Heather Day Gilbert and fresh voice Jen Cudmore, two love stories entwine in this sweeping Viking-era romance, the first novel in the Tavland Vikings series.


I love Historical Fiction, but have never been a fan of Viking tales. I tried to start reading the book with an open mind. The beginning of the book was so filled with Viking names and descriptions of their surroundings, that I got bogged down. As the story developed and the plot became obvious I found the book to be very interesting.

We have a story in which one of the women has had her heart broken because her first arranged marriage didn’t work out. She was married to a man who could provide a comfortable home, but no love. She was abused physically and mentally and her husband cheated on her openly.

She longed for her true love, but dared not act on the feelings because of her Christian faith and the love for her children. Her true love longed for her, but knew that she belonged to someone else. He still tried to help her from afar.

The other woman was a striking Viking woman who was good at self-defense. She had been a slave and wanted desperately to be free. When she does earn her freedom, the man who freed her asked her to work undercover as a slave. Although she was paid well to do this, it was terribly hard on her heart.

I enjoyed the book as the relationships with God and with others was beautifully described. This emotional read will be most loved by those who enjoy reading about Vikings, but it’s a great read for everyone else, too.

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