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I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion. Affiliate link included. Full Disclosure Here.

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Have you ever read a book that you want to read again just so that you can enjoy it once more? This is one of those for me. Every page was grand and I couldn’t stop reading. In fact, it’s my number one book so far this year. This dual time-line book goes back and forth from 1905-1998. It’s based on a true place but the main characters are fictional. On the Penikese Island off the coast of Massachusetts, a leper hospital existed in the early 1900’s.

A family with two daughters was experiencing tragedy after their mother died and the father drank heavily and beat the youngest. The oldest girl, Atta, was to marry and take Gertie with her (saving her from her Papi). Then Atta was diagnosed with Leprosy and taken to Penikese Island to be treated. She was desperate to save Gertie and after time rowed back to her. Then Gertie got Leprosy and joined her on the island.

They went through horrible experimental treatments and their story was an emotional and terrifying read. But, Atta and her doctor were falling in love even though they knew they could never be together. All the characters were so interesting.

In the contemporary time, Emily is the granddaughter of Gertie and is going through an awful time herself. After a bad decision, this high school girl is pregnant and her parents have dropped her off at her grandmother’s house. Her father is a politician and doesn’t want her situation to ruin his chances of winning. She has a hard time at school, but makes a friend at the library.

She finds a picture of her relative on Penikese Island and convinces her grandmother to tell her the story about her past. It’s an amazing story and I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it is. It truly relates to me, when I read Atta’s story as she tries to become content in all her circumstances.

The author gives many amazing scripture passages and hymns that are perfect in each moment when you feel like Atta can’t possibly handle one more minute of her miserable life. The book is filled with true Christian thought, grace, and love. Please read it!


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To Love a Viking Review

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.


To Love a Viking by Heather Day Gilbert & Jen Cudmore

Get swept up in an enthralling new romance series featuring women who rule the hearts of Viking men.

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Series: Tavland Vikings #1
Publisher: WoodHaven Press
Release Date: June 27, 2022
Genre: Historical/Viking Romance, Christian

Get swept up in an enthralling new romance series featuring women who rule the hearts of Viking men.

Forced into a financially advantageous marriage that spirals into a nightmare, Ellisif cannot help but imagine what might have been and ache for what was lost. The only lights in her life are her daughters and the friendships she’s forged with the household servants.

Though seven years have passed since Ellisif wed another man, Dagar still cannot forget the woman who captured his youthful heart. As the Viking warrior battles for his country’s future, he finds himself entangled in a personal war for Ellisif’s freedom that could cost his family their reputation and standing with the king. If he risks all, can he save the woman whose face still haunts his dreams? And if given another chance, will she choose him?

Escaped slave Inara is determined to start a new life. Under the guidance of warrior and shipbuilder Håkon, her sword skill grows, as does her confidence that the Viking men will accept her as a warrior in her own right.

When she is selected to lead a perilous rescue mission to protect Ellisif, Inara finds herself blindsided by feelings for Håkon…and by threats to her freedom far closer than she feared. As dreams and desires collide, she wrestles against the lies holding her captive. Can she conquer her doubts before all that she’s hoped for slips from her hands?

Written by award-winning historical author Heather Day Gilbert and fresh voice Jen Cudmore, two love stories entwine in this sweeping Viking-era romance, the first novel in the Tavland Vikings series.


I love Historical Fiction, but have never been a fan of Viking tales. I tried to start reading the book with an open mind. The beginning of the book was so filled with Viking names and descriptions of their surroundings, that I got bogged down. As the story developed and the plot became obvious I found the book to be very interesting.

We have a story in which one of the women has had her heart broken because her first arranged marriage didn’t work out. She was married to a man who could provide a comfortable home, but no love. She was abused physically and mentally and her husband cheated on her openly.

She longed for her true love, but dared not act on the feelings because of her Christian faith and the love for her children. Her true love longed for her, but knew that she belonged to someone else. He still tried to help her from afar.

The other woman was a striking Viking woman who was good at self-defense. She had been a slave and wanted desperately to be free. When she does earn her freedom, the man who freed her asked her to work undercover as a slave. Although she was paid well to do this, it was terribly hard on her heart.

I enjoyed the book as the relationships with God and with others was beautifully described. This emotional read will be most loved by those who enjoy reading about Vikings, but it’s a great read for everyone else, too.

Children’s Fate Blog Tour & Giveaway

Children's Fate Book Cover

Children’s Fate

How can a mother just stand by when her daughter is being cozened into sin?

It’s 1360, eleven years since the Black Death devastated all of England, and six years since Emma Ward fled Meonbridge with her children, to find a more prosperous life in Winchester. Long satisfied that she’d made the right decision, Emma is now terrified that she was wrong. For she’s convinced her daughter Bea is in grave danger, being exploited by her scheming and immoral mistress.

Bea herself is confused: fearful and ashamed of her sudden descent into sin, but also thrilled by her wealthy and attentive client.

When Emma resolves to rescue Bea from ruin and tricks her into returning to Meonbridge, Bea doesn’t at first suspect her mother’s motives. She is happy to renew her former friendships but, yearning for her rich lover, Bea soon absconds back to the city. Yet, only months later, plague is stalking Winchester again and, in terror, Bea flees once more to Meonbridge.

But, this time, she finds herself unwelcome, and fear, hostility and hatred threaten…

Terror, betrayal and deceit, but also love and courage, in a time of continuing change and challenge – Children’s Fate, the fourth MEONBRIDGE CHRONICLE.

Purchase Links:

UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Childrens-Fate-Meonbridge-Chronicle-Chronicles-ebook/dp/B08LZLW9S1

US – https://www.amazon.com/Childrens-Fate-Meonbridge-Chronicle-Chronicles-ebook/dp/B08LZLW9S1

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Author Bio –

CAROLYN HUGHES was born in London, but has lived most of her life in Hampshire. After completing a degree in Classics and English, she started her working life as a computer programmer, in those days a very new profession. But it was when she discovered technical authoring that she knew she had found her vocation. She spent the next few decades writing and editing all sorts of material, some fascinating, some dull, for a wide variety of clients, including an international hotel group, medical instrument manufacturers and the government.

She has written creatively for most of her adult life, but it was not until her children grew up and flew the nest several years ago that writing historical fiction took centre stage in her life. She has a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from Portsmouth University and a PhD from the University of Southampton.

Children’s Fate is the fourth novel in the MEONBRIDGE CHRONICLES series. A fifth novel is under way.

You can connect with Carolyn through her website www.carolynhughesauthor.com and social media:

Social Media Links –

Facebook: CarolynHughesAuthor; Twitter: @writingcalliope; Goodreads: http://bit.ly/2hs2rrX

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It’s March 1360, and the location is Winchester…

‘Beatrix!’ called Mistress Brouderer, standing at the entrance to the workshop. She gestured to her to put down her work and come up to the shop. It was almost time to stop their work, for the light was fading and it was becoming difficult to see their stitching.

Lucy looked up at Bea, her eyes wide.

Bea secured her needle in the cloth. ‘I wonder what she wants?’ Lucy bit her lip.

Bea hurried along the passage, thinking Mildryth might have told their mistress of Bea’s constant questioning about Alison. She was uneasy as she slid into the shop.

‘Ah, Beatrix,’ said her mistress, turning. ‘I want you to run an errand for me.’

‘An errand?’

‘Indeed.’ She picked up a linen-wrapped parcel of what Bea presumed were handkerchiefs, judging by the parcel’s size and shape. ‘I want you to take this to Master Marchaunt in Jury Street.’

Bea was a little startled. She thought customers usually collected their purchases from the shop, though sometimes the mistress paid a snotty street lad to take a package to their house. Occasionally, Mildryth, or even Mistress Brouderer herself, delivered the finished work, if it was valuable, like that embroidered cotehardie made especially for this very man. Mistress Brouderer had worked the coat entirely herself and even Bea could see it was very fine. Master Marchaunt must be rich, and probably very vain, to have commissioned such a handsome thing.

‘Why me?’ said Bea.

Her mistress tutted. ‘Why do you always have to question everything, Beatrix, instead of simply doing as you’re bid?’ Bea shrugged. ‘You should be pleased I’m trusting you to do this.’ Which Bea thought a bit strange, given she evidently trusted that snotty lad to do it. She just nodded.

‘Good. Now, you know where to go, don’t you?’

Bea rolled her eyes. Jury Street was only a short walk away. ‘’Course I do.’

Mistress Brouderer pursed her lips and Bea knew she thought her wilful. None of the other girls talked back to her, not even Mildryth. Yet Bea never meant to be ill-mannered. ‘Am I to bring back payment?’

‘It’s not necessary to risk carrying coin through the streets. Master Marchaunt will pay me later.’

Bea took her cloak from the hooks beside the door. Mistress Brouderer peered outside: it was late afternoon, and already quite dark, with heavy cloud blotting out any last glimmer of winter sun. Bea wondered why she couldn’t have gone earlier, before the gloom of evening threatened. Yet it was typical of Mistress Brouderer to wait until the light had faded, so as not to waste good stitching time, as she always put it, and Bea decided not to argue any further.

She stepped out into the street. A chilly wind was getting up.

‘I’d pull your hood up tight about your ears if I were you,’ said Mistress Brouderer, handing Bea the parcel. She tucked it underneath her cloak then, turning left out of the door, hurried away towards the merchants’ district.

All the houses on Jury Street were high and wide, with large windows, a few of which were filled with glass. As far as she knew, only one building in Meonbridge had any glass-filled windows – the de Bohuns’ manor house. Many of the houses on this street had great signs hanging high up on the front wall: she’d already seen three barrels, and two sets of shears. Master Marchaunt’s house was not the only one to have what looked like an enormous woolsack dangling overhead.

The heavy wooden door was set back from the street, beneath the jutting overhang giving shelter to a large window, shuttered now against the evening. Bea stood before the door and looked about her.

‘When you reach the door,’ Mistress Brouderer had said, as Bea was leaving, ‘be sure no one sees you knocking.’

It seemed an odd command, but her mistress had insisted, though she didn’t explain why. Few people were still abroad, for business had ended for the day. But the street was not entirely empty, for two men were standing some distance away, deep in conversation. Should she wait until they’d gone? Yet wouldn’t hovering seem even more peculiar than knocking?

She rapped sharply upon the door.

As Bea waited for a servant to come, a sudden gust of wind whisked off her hood, catching at her hair and tousling it about her face. She was trying to tidy her hair when the door was opened.

‘Aha! The young embroideress, I presume?’ said a man’s voice.

She looked up, still trying to tuck loose strands of hair behind her ear. The man was smiling. His clothes were nothing like a servant’s, so was this Master Marchaunt himself? If so, he was younger than she’d expected.

‘My kerchiefs?’ he said, and she drew the parcel from her cloak and held it out to him.

He took it and grinned. ‘Has the wind snatched away your tongue?’ Bea giggled. ‘No, sir. Just messed up my hair.’

‘Come inside a moment to compose yourself.’

It scarcely seemed necessary to go indoors, when all she had to do was hand over the parcel. But she was curious to see inside this rich man’s house and, as Master Marchaunt stood aside to let her pass, she stepped over the threshold…

Eye of the Storm Reviewer Tour

Eye of the Storm

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion. Affiliate link included.

Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm (The Storm Series, Book 2)

By: Janice L. Dick

Genre: Christian Historical Fiction

Purchase Link

Amazon: https://amzn.to/34elwJd

My Review

Imagine being in Crimea in 1917 and your country is being turned upside down by political unrest. The Hildebrandt family were Mennonites who were committed to family and God. But, things were changing all around them.

I wish that I had read Book 1 to understand the first part of the story, as it would have helped me to jump right in to Book 2. But, starting with Book 2 was a little tough with all the unfamiliar history and Russian names. If you are a lover of Russian history, like my daughter-in-law, you’ll really understand it.

The story centers around Katarina Hildebrandt and Johann Sudermann and all their experiences as battles and wars raged around them. During this time the Russian Tsar and his family are removed and then comes the rise of leaders such as Lenin and the Red and White Armies. Some characters in the book are taking sides and making alliances, most of which are bad.

But, the main characters try to stay true to their beliefs. They won’t fight in the war, but some serve in the medical unit, trying to do their part without using weapons. This isn’t a popular opinion with many in their community because many people were being terrorized by bandits and roaming soldiers.

Throughout the book are many inner battles inside the mind and heart. The terrible things that they must endure causes Katarina’s faith to be tested. There are good portrayals of sinners coming to faith in God. And, most of all, will their beliefs withstand the evil that has become normal?

This is a book heavy on historical events. The Christian theme grows throughout the book and becomes the most important part of the story.

@2020, copyright Lisa Ehrman