Holly For President

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Holly For President

Book Review: Holly For President – Holly Lewis Mystery Series Book 9

Holly For President is a YA book written by Dianne Harman. Dianne is a USA Today Bestselling Author. The book comes in paperback or Kindle, and you can purchase it at Amazon. This book features the main character, Holly Lewis.

Holly lives a busy life with high school and working at the bookstore. Her friends convince her to run for Junior Class President. She is not too sure about it, but goes along with the plan.

Soon after she becomes a candidate, strange things start to happen. She becomes the victim of bullying that gets progressively worse each day. The bully really attacks her in front of everyone in school, humiliating her with their rude attacks.

Holly goes through many emotions and her family and friends encourage her throughout this time. She has to face so much pain and also has to deal with her inner pain from her mother’s death.

This is an enjoyable book and you’ll want to cheer Holly on when you read this. If you like feel-good YA books, Holly For President will be on your Want to Read list. I recommend it, especially now with the rampant bullying problem in our country and schools.

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