Tiny Explorers: Into the Wild

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Book Review of Tiny Explorers: Into the Wild by Miro Tartan.

Tiny Explorers

The description on the cover of Tiny Explorers: Into the Wild says, “Outdoor activities, play ideas and fun. This 84-page book for parents and children is truly packed with amazing ideas for nature study.

This is not a book for children to read, but is meant for parents to read and carry out the activities with their children. In fact, most of the activities will definitely need parental assistance.

Because children spend so much time indoors, sometimes parents need a real plan to get them outside and spend time in nature. This book provides all the resources and ideas to help them.

Now, some of the activities will need the parents to purchase or build things. Even if the mom or dad is not tool-savvy, there are still plenty of activities in the book that can be done.

This book is excellent for any parent. It would be wonderful for homeschool parents, because most homeschool families incorporate nature study into the curriculum.

Creepy-Crawlies Hotel
Page from Tiny Explorers: Photo from Amazon.com

The author first states his philosophy and then goes on to describe how to bring nature indoors. Having a natural center or decor in the home is great and children can be a part of this activity.

The book gives picture descriptions of what will be needed for each project. This is helpful for showing the children and helping them identify what they will be collecting in the great outdoors.

Families will learn to make a leaf press, a wind-chime, an organic teepee, and so many more things. I love the Creepy Crawlies Hotel and the Clay Imprints. I can’t go into all the amazing creations.

This is a terrific book that I hope to use with my grandchildren. I love to use my time with them to teach them things and guide them into learning. These activities will be so much more fun than turning on the cartoon channel for them to watch.

I highly recommend the book, because of all the lovely pictures (illustrated by Laura Bingham) and step by step directions.

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  1. Will Fall coming up this book will provide excellent ideas to do outside while the weather is nice and not to hot. I definitely gotta get this book for my kiddo.

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