Halloween Jokes And Riddles for Kids

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Book Review

Book Review of Halloween Jokes and Riddles for Kids: 500 of the Funniest & Spookiest Child Friendly Halloween Jokes, Riddles, and Activities to Get the Whole Family Spooked. Jenny Jacobs is the author. She’s written 10 chapters that are divided into various Halloween themes.

Your children will soon be planning their Halloween costumes this year. With covid-19 hanging around, it remains to be seen what type of trick-or-treating will be available. But whatever happens, a great book of jokes and riddles can be a celebration in itself.

As I read through this book, I’m not very sure if you would classify these jokes as truly scary, but they are cute. And, telling a good joke will certainly get your children in the Halloween spirit. Is that a pun?

Knock-Knock Jokes:

Knock, Knock! Who’s there? Phillip Phillip who? Phillip my bag with all your candy please!

Here are some cute Question and Answer jokes:

What did the ghost say when he made a mistake? I made a Boo-boo.

Why did the cyclops quit his teaching job? He only had one pupil.

Why won’t a witch wear a baseball cap? There’s no point.

How do you make a skeleton laugh? Tickle her funny bone!

What kind of bear doesn’t have any teeth? A gummy bear!


Where do you find Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson? In a graveyard.

Did you hear about the mad scientist who got a new lab? He names him Fido!

There are a few mazes and word search puzzles scattered throughout the book, too.

If your children love jokes and riddles, this book will be one of their favorites. They’ll have lots of fun, even if you don’t. I’m giving away my favorite form of humor….sarcasm.

This book comes in paperback and kindle versions. I reviewed the kindle format.

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