The Star and the Shamrock

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The Star and the Shamrock

Book Review: The Star and the Shamrock by Jean Grainger

The Star and the Shamrock is Book 1 of 4 books in a series. The historical fiction begins in Berlin, 1939. Two Jewish children, Liesl and Erich, are leaving using the Kindertransport. This system helped to save Jewish children from the Holocaust.

The desperate Jewish mother had already lost her husband to the Nazis, and promised her children that she would find them after the war. Her husband’s cousin lived in Liverpool and agreed to take the children in as her own.

Elizabeth Klein, the main character, had married a Jewish-German man, but he had died in the first WW. She was a school teacher and had no children of her own. The story is full of action and adventure. The damage of war caused Elizabeth and the children to relocate to Ireland and her family home.

She then starts to teach school in her hometown and meets many Jewish refugees, including Daniel. There is danger, even in her small Irish village and the story is mysterious as the reader doesn’t know what will happen next.

I won’t add any more details, as to spoil the unfolding plot. The book, written by a USA Today Best-Selling author, is well written and held my attention easily. It’s not a hard read, but leaves you cheering for the characters to win in the end.

There are three more books in the series, and I’ll look forward to reading them, too. It’s a feel-good book, and I recommend it.

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