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You'll See

You’ll See by Jesse Bhaird

Genre: Contemporary

Pages: 231

How far would you go to help the ones you love? How far would you go to prevent them from feeling pain? Now, how far would you go to save yourself?

Life was supposed to be straightforward for Cass Wilkes. After finishing college she’d secured a job that most dreamt of, but never came close to. Her career as a surgeon would be her identity, her armour. Her rank would speak for itself so she wouldn’t have to. But what happens when a crack forms in the life you’ve built? When something completely out of your control, something you could never have planned for threatens to upend everything you’ve worked so hard for? What happens when you can’t touch the threat?

When the call for help comes from her best friend, Cass makes the easy decision to leave London behind for a while, holding out hope that things will be back to normal when she returns.

Expecting to find solace in a new project that’s worlds apart from the stress and responsibility of her normal job, what she doesn’t expect is to be presented with the prospect of a completely new start. She takes refuge in a big city thousands of miles from home, that unbeknownst to her, will show her real love, true loss, and fill her with utter hope. During her time in San Francisco, Cass will be tasked to overcome the things she never knew were chasing her.

Author Bio

Jesse Bhaird was born and raised in Ireland although currently resides in Canada. She is a Trinity College Dublin graduate – where she studied nothing related to writing! As a full-time health care professional, her newfound joy is writing. When not found working, adulting or reading, she can be found outside herding small children and a large dog (all hers) and loves to escape to the mountains when she can for snowboarding in the winter.

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My Review

This is the kind of book that you start to read and immediately like the characters. The longer you read the book, the more you can’t put it down. The main character, Cass, is taking a foreign medical assignment. She arrives in America to work with her best friend, Gaby.

They are truly wonderful friends and love working together and helping young patients. Cass is drawn to her friend’s neighbor, Garret, who is also good friends with Gaby’s boyfriend. The four of them are all doctors.

The relationship with Garret grows throughout the book, but Cass has a secret problem. It is apparent during a crisis in which one of the young patients has an emergency.

After this happens, Cass struggles with relationships and her job. She is met with a wonderful support system. But soon, she’ll need to offer support as something terrible happens.

What will become of Cass and Garret’s relationship? Will the two couples still be together in the end? I won’t give away all that happens. You’ll have to read it for yourself.

This isn’t the type of book that I usually review, because of the content. There are numerous curse words and explicit sex scenes, so be aware.

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