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SuperScruff Goat Tails


by P. Lynn Halliday


GENRE: Children’s


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Goat Tails are a series of stories all about life on our family farm in Manitowaning. Join with us as we share the entertaining and crazy antics of all the critters that occupied that farm . . . especially the goats.

In our second book, Scruffy the kid arrives back from his BIG adventure. The lost had been found, but would he be welcomed or was it Pen Prison for him again? Scruffy had been in trouble so many times in the past that he began to have doubts. Sure the Maker loved him . . . but did everyone else?

Imagine his surprise when he was greeted at the fence by a churning, hopping, squawking sea of excitement, all straining to get a look at him! Wow, he was a superstar!

It suddenly struck him: now he knew for sure what his purpose was. He was made to be super . . . the super, duper hopping hero of the barnyard!

SuperScruff, the fearless leader of the Scruffkids!

“Oh no,” bleated Nellie Nanny, “here we go again!”

Truer words have never been spoken: Scruffy was at it again. Join the fun as SuperScruff learns how to be truly Super!



Scruffy thought that he ought to practice his Super-Skills (he wasn’t really sure what they were, but he’d figure it out). Right now, his head was too puffed up by all the Super-Attention he was getting. Clearly, he was already “SuperScruff” to his adoring fans so he couldn’t let them down. Inside he had always known that he had SuperPowers… it was time to show off his Super-Stuff. He jumped up on top of the nearest bale of hay so everyone could see and hear him.

The youngsters cheered excitedly, Hobby snorted (in disgust), and Nellie just shook her head and bleated a warning to him. Scruffy quickly looked at his mom and felt slightly unsure that what he was doing was a good idea. That disturbing little voice began to speak again… but he ruthlessly shook his head to knock the thought out! He had more important things to think about right now.



AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Lynn is a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a pharmacist, a storyteller and a Christian, living and working in Northern Ontario. Life on the farm has helped each member of our family to grow in so many different ways. Perhaps the most profound growth has been spiritual, as we have all marvelled while working on our farm at the amazing world that our loving God has made. How wonderful it is that God designed each person and critter for a special purpose—no mistakes and no misfits.



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My Review

SuperScruff Goat Tails is a book that teaches a lesson that all children need to learn. This Christian children’s book is a chapter book that tells children some goat tales about a goat named Scruffy. Scruffy is a young goat who is full of himself and wants to be a super hero. He tends to get in trouble and one day he gets lost. When he survives and comes back to the barnyard, the other animals are all so happy that he made it back. He responds with more arrogance and decides that he needs to show off with some super skills.

When he totally fails at all the super hero skills, he becomes upset and feels dejected. His mother speaks to him and tries to convince him that being super is not about showing out, but being a servant to others. But, will Scruffy learn his lesson?

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  1. Great excerpt and SuperScruff sounds like a great book for the children! I like the cover, too! Thanks, Lisa for sharing your review with me! Have a wonderful holiday season!

  2. Thanks for the review! You nailed it…SuperScruff is intended as a cute story book to counter the “all about me” culture of today by planting the thought that true greatness comes from serving others!
    thanks for your insight.

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