Pieces of Granite

Book Review

Pieces of Granite, Coming Home Series prequel

This is the story of Debbie and Jerry Verhoeven. They are an ordinary couple. Jerry is a school teacher and Debbie is a counselor. But, the couple has decided that she should stay home with her children.

She is pregnant with their second child. The first child is named Kaitlynn, and she’s a handful. The couple is concerned as they are waiting for the result of an amniocentesis test. Jerry’s child with his first wife had down syndrome and died of a heart defect.

He is terrified of this happening again and can not handle it. His first wife left him because he did not handle the grief well. He’s now afraid that it will happen again. He is jealous of his wife, Debbie’s strength and faith.

Debbie is a strong woman of faith, but also strong-willed. She doesn’t want to ask anyone for help. The couple has trouble in their marriage when neither of them gives control over to God.

When the baby is found to have Down Syndrome, Jerry begins to have panic attacks. He withdraws from his wife and the baby, too. The rest of the story is how they deal with the situation.

Things get very bad between them and they need to learn to give their problems and control over to God. The book is an easy read and you will find yourself hoping that they can pull it together.

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