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I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

Out of the Mountain’s Shadow by Rose Alexander


A secret from the war with the power to change one woman’s future…

1939: War has broken out, and in Albania Bekim’s family take in a Jewish family fleeing from Nazi Austria. The years of war will shape his life in unimaginable ways as Bekim grows to love Hannelore, doing everything in his power to protect her. But will he be enough to keep her safe?

2019: Following a shock redundancy, Ruth is taking an extended holiday in southern Italy where she befriends local Zak. When Zak’s dying father asks them to solve a mystery from his past, Ruth leaps at the chance. Journeying through his homeland of Albania, Ruth and Zak race to find the sacred artefacts hidden in the mountains during the war.

A stunning and emotional novel of love and danger, perfect for fans of Lorna Cook and Rachel Hore.

Author Bio

I’ve had more careers than I care to mention and am currently working full-time as a secondary school English teacher. I write in the holidays, weekends and evenings, whenever I have a chance, although with three children, a husband, a lodger and a cat, this isn’t always as often as I’d like. My book is the result of much hard work, research and patience. The greatest reward possible would be my readers’ enjoyment, so I hope it does it for you!

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My Review

I love finding books that have historical stories within. In this fantastic read we are introduced to Ruth, who is now unemployed and chooses to take a holiday while she plans her next steps. She travels to southern Italy, where she knows no one. She rents a small room above a family home and is befriended by the lovely lady and her darling little boy. Ruth volunteers to help the pregnant mom by taking the tot to the beach with her a few times. While she is relaxing there, she meets an Albanian man named Zak.

They begin having meals together and enjoy each other’s company. Zak tells her all about his family and especially the story of his father’s time there during WWII. The Albanian family helped to protect Jewish families who came there as refugees. Told through the eyes of the boy, Bekim, he begins to grow up fast because of his responsibility to guide the refugees up into the mountains to hide after Nazi soldiers enter their town.

The book goes back and forth between 1939 and 2019 and it is extremely interesting. I found the present-day story of Ruth and Zak to be very enjoyable and the historical story facinating! This page-turner has all that’s needed to keep readers wanting more.


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