Never Let A Unicorn Scribble

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Diane Alber wrote and illustrated this adorable book for children. The story is about a little girl and her unicorn. The little girl had heard that you should never let a unicorn scribble.

Never Let A Unicorn Scribble
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Her curiosity got the best of her and she gave the unicorn a crayon, which he quickly ate. After eating more of a crayon, the little girl attached crayons to the unicorn’s horn. His artistic creation sprayed all over the room, to her delight.

When her mother came, she worried about the mess. When she stepped back into the room with her mother the beautiful artwork was on her easel. Her imagination had run wild and she had painted the beautiful piece herself.

This is a sweet story about children using their imaginations. The illustrations are very colorful, bright, and imaginative. I can see why this is a best-selling book for children. The book is recommended for ages 3-7.

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  1. I love that this encourages children to use their imaginations! This book would make a great gift.

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