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A Testament of Hope: Synopsis

In the year 1957, America is in chaos; join MLK in the days of the Vietnam war, the threat of communism, and the severe oppression of the struggling poor in America. 

Segregation is an ever-burgeoning problem in the United States, continually stealing away good education and economic opportunities from minorities. The Civil Rights Movement is picking up steam in the south, and MLK is advocating for non-violence to fix this corrupt system. 

You will get a firsthand look into his mind and life. You will see the philosophy, speeches, books, interviews, and essays of the civil rights leader, MLK. See his travels to India and his fight for a better life for the oppressed in Birmingham, Washington D.C., and Birmingham. His sensational speeches will leave you changed. 

A Testament of Hope is a beautiful collection of the essential writings and speeches of Martin Luther King and paints a clear picture of what his life was like and what the world was like.

Guest Writer: Alexander Thomas Baldwin

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