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My Old Friend, Then

Written by Katherine Davis-Gibbon

Illustrated by Allie Daigle

Ages 4 and up | 40 Pages

Publisher: Riverlet Press LLC | ISBN-13: 9781737957607

Publisher’s Synopsis: A child ponders … who is her best, most loyal friend? Is it her constant companion, Then, who regales her with extravagant stories of their shared past and imagined future? Or is it precious, patient Now, with whom she sensitively explores each new moment that unfolds?

My Old Friend, Then explores mindfulness the same way that kids approach life: with curiosity, humor, and unspoiled sincerity. Pairing accessible and relatable language with vivid, quirky illustrations, this book invites readers to share in a young girl’s journey as she grapples with the trappings—and delights in the boundless potential—of her own brilliant mind.


Author, Katherine Davis-Gibbon


Katherine Davis-Gibbon is a yoga teacher, a longtime practitioner of Vipassana meditation, and most importantly a mother of two. She is also the founder of Riverlet Press, a children’s book company for conscious parents raising mindful kids.

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Allie Daigle is an illustrator who strives to create immersive and expressive images that stimulate the imagination. Whether for a children’s book, a product label, or her original pieces, Daigle’s works implore the viewer to linger and explore the details within. Allie primarily works with traditional watercolor & ink as well as digital mediums.

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Dreamlike illustrations bring the topic to life in the book, My Old Friend, Then. At first glance, you might think this story is about a little girl with an imaginary friend. But, the fuzzy grey-colored friend looks old and distant. The friend’s name is Then and she’s a representation of things done in the past. The little girl spends much of her time focused on the past. This is who she spends her time with and the book shows page after page of the girl’s lonely and sad times.

Later, the girl finds her friend, Now. This is to represent the present. She’s now happy because she is living in the present. This book about mindfulness will be best presented with parent-child discussion time.


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