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Clara’s Secret Garden, Little Duck Pond Café
When Clara Bowes transforms a wilderness of a garden, she isn’t expecting to reconnect with someone special from her past at the same time. Having Rory Angel in her life again is a dream come true. But life is never straight forward – especially in matters of the heart – and soon, a devastating revelation looks set to bring Clara’s hopes for the future crashing down around her. Will she find the strength to reach for her dreams?

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Rosie’s series of novellas is centred around life in a country village cafe. Look out for ‘A Winter Wish’, published in October, the second book in a heart-warming trilogy centred around peacemaker Clara, who’s having to cope with the demands of her slightly dysfunctional family while searching for her own happy-ever-after . . .
The third book in the trilogy is ‘Clara’s Christmas Magic’, out in November 2022.
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I was completely new to this series with this book being number 23, and since I hadn’t read any it was nice to know that this book was part of a sub-trilogy. So, the author is exploring the character Clara, who is shy and sweet. Her mostly absent mother didn’t want to take little Bertie seriously, and Clara is like his second-momma. She’s doing a great job with him and they love each other dearly.

Clara’s grandmother is in the hospital and her gardens are overgrown with weeds. Clara is working hard to clear out the weeds and spruce up the yard. Bertie helps a little and then takes off with his neighborhood friends. An old school friend, who has grown up to be quite handsome, Rory, is helpig with mowing grass and other chores.

Clara has been chosen to put on a cooking demonstration at the Little Duck Pond Cafe and is excited, but terrified to do it in front of people. Bertie is going to help and he’s thrilled to be her side-kick. Will Clara and Rory get a little romance going or how about Shaun? I’ll be interested to see what happens in the 2nd and 3rd book in the trilogy of these three rom/coms. The humor is cute and light. I would rate it PG for a few curse words.

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