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His To Keep by Sherrinda Ketchersid

Genre: Medieval Romance, Christian Historical Fiction

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My Review

Ian McGowan is the youngest brother in his family. His older siblings have passed on the chance for the inheritance of Whitfield Castle. It’s in need of great repair, but he is excited about claiming this inheritance. The only catch is that the inheritance comes with a bride.

The young lady who is living in and managing the castle will be his bride. When he arrives with his faithful friend to enter the castle he is unable to get in. Claire refuses him at the castle gate, because she hates all Scots. Scottish men killed the feisty red-haired maiden’s parents and left her for dead.

So Ian and Phillip break into the castle wall through a disgusting shoot. Even after they get into the castle, Claire fights with all her might (and her loyal castle staff). But, Ian will not surrender and eventually makes a type of peace with her.

The inheritance has been arranged by the king, so over time Claire realizes that she has no choice but to marry him. She gradually sees that Ian is a very honorable man. He immediately begins restoring the castle and spending money to make the castle into a profitable estate. He treats Claire as a very special prize to be won. He is gracious, kind, and gentle. He begins to gain her trust and love.

But, he won’t have an easy time with any of this. Ian and Claire are later in danger and there are surprises on every page. It seems that everything is against them. What will happen? Will they actually get married and will Ian claim the inheritance?

Christian faith is included in the book and God’s sovereignty is beautifully displayed. There is so much great action and adventure in the book. I love the humor and romance throughout.

I loved the story and recommend the book to readers in their older teens and adults. It’s a good living book for those (like me) who love English history. The medieval time of knights and fair ladies comes alive within the pages of His To Keep.

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