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Fate (The Perfect Time for Love Series) by Natasha D. Frazier

Genre: Christian Romance

My Review

This is the romance of two fictional characters, Melanie and Bryan. Their first encounter is when Melanie’s friend is found dead and Bryan is the police detective that works on the case. After the death causes so much trauma to Melanie she begins therapy with a wonderful counselor.

A year later, Bryan enters Melanie’s hair salon to drop off some fundraising pamphlets. She is taken by surprise, but they are both attracted to each other. Over time, they begin to date and find that they are perfect for one another.

When they know that they are really compatible and love each other’s company, Bryan invites her to his family’s Christmas dinner and celebration. Bryan’s parents welcome Melanie with graciousness and open arms. Everything seems great. The only problem is that Melanie and Bryan’s mother have a serious discussion in the kitchen.

Later, Melanie is avoiding Bryan and he doesn’t know why. She’s secretly contemplating what Bryan’s mother has revealed to her. Melanie hasn’t told Bryan that his mother is actually her counselor. The counselor tells Melanie that she now has a conflict of interest and she will have to choose between Bryan or coming to her for counseling.

Find out what Melanie decides to do next. Has fate brought them together or is the most important relationship that of her and the counselor?

This is a sweet, clean romance between two people who take seriously their Christian faith. It’s an easy read and very wholesome.

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  1. Fate sounds like a great book for me! Thanks for sharing it and your great review! Have a magical holiday season!

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