Children’s Books to Help with the Dentist

Going to the dentist is a fear held by many, but it can be overwhelming when you are a child, especially when you do not know what to expect. They might be frightened of being separated from their parents, potentially being in pain, being told off for not brushing their teeth properly, or being scared to be in the company and have to put their trust in a stranger. Not only that, but the smells and sounds can be overwhelming too and sound much worse than they truly are.

Adding these all together can create a cocktail of anxiety for a child, and it can be difficult to get them through the door.

child dentist

This is where books can help!

Children’s books are a great way to reach them and comfort them in times of anxiety, and plenty of authors have caught on, because there are several books that your children can benefit from if they are anxious and unhappy about going to the dentist.

Read on to find out which books to get your hands on!

Daniel Goes to The Dentist – Alexandra Cassel

Daniel goes to the dentist is a great children’s book about first-time experiences in the dentist. Daniel, the tiger, gets his tooth checkup, with his teeth brushed and polished during his trip to the dentist. The dentist makes sure to explain everything so that Daniel feels comfortable.

We’re Going to The Dentist – Campbell Big Steps

We’re going to a dentist is a board book designed for little ones who need to know more about visiting the dentist. The pictures show a waiting room and a dentist’s chair, and gives children the chance to explore them. The book also explains how to brush your teeth properly. This board book is also interactive, so fun flaps and other tactile mechanisms make this a fun learning experience.

Why Should I Brush My Teeth? (Questions and Answers) – Usborne

A great book option for the children who are curious and always want to know more, ‘Why should I brush my teeth?’ helps answer any common questions that children might have about going to the dentist, brushing their teeth, why their teeth fall out, and even the quirkier of questions such as why do animals not brush their teeth? They can lift the flap to find out the answers, while this book offers a perfect balance between answers they need to know and answers they want to know.

That being said, any good dental practice and professional should be more than happy to answer any questions that children may have about their teeth and any dental concerns. If you are in the Bendigo area, then search for a dentist in Bendigo, Australia to find a dentist that is great with children.


Curious George Visits the Dentist

Curious George visits the dentist is a great dental book for children based around teeth falling out! A scared George has to visit the dentist after an apple has made his tooth loose but is quickly reassured and enjoys his visit in the end.

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  1. When taking a child to the dentist one could all the help they can get and these books sound like very helpful reads! Thanks for sharing them and have a sunshiny day!

  2. (Children’s Books to Help with the Dentist) My granddaughter will be going for her first dental check-up here real soon. I am sure that it will be a crazy trip for her Mommy. 🙂

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