Children’s Books to Help with the Dentist

Going to the dentist is a fear held by many, but it can be overwhelming when you are a child, especially when you do not know what to expect. They might be frightened of being separated from their parents, potentially being in pain, being told off for not brushing their teeth properly, or being scared to be in the company and have to put their trust in a stranger. Not only that, but the smells and sounds can be overwhelming too and sound much worse than they truly are.

Adding these all together can create a cocktail of anxiety for a child, and it can be difficult to get them through the door.

child dentist

This is where books can help!

Children’s books are a great way to reach them and comfort them in times of anxiety, and plenty of authors have caught on, because there are several books that your children can benefit from if they are anxious and unhappy about going to the dentist.

Read on to find out which books to get your hands on!

Daniel Goes to The Dentist – Alexandra Cassel

Daniel goes to the dentist is a great children’s book about first-time experiences in the dentist. Daniel, the tiger, gets his tooth checkup, with his teeth brushed and polished during his trip to the dentist. The dentist makes sure to explain everything so that Daniel feels comfortable.

We’re Going to The Dentist – Campbell Big Steps

We’re going to a dentist is a board book designed for little ones who need to know more about visiting the dentist. The pictures show a waiting room and a dentist’s chair, and gives children the chance to explore them. The book also explains how to brush your teeth properly. This board book is also interactive, so fun flaps and other tactile mechanisms make this a fun learning experience.

Why Should I Brush My Teeth? (Questions and Answers) – Usborne

A great book option for the children who are curious and always want to know more, ‘Why should I brush my teeth?’ helps answer any common questions that children might have about going to the dentist, brushing their teeth, why their teeth fall out, and even the quirkier of questions such as why do animals not brush their teeth? They can lift the flap to find out the answers, while this book offers a perfect balance between answers they need to know and answers they want to know.

That being said, any good dental practice and professional should be more than happy to answer any questions that children may have about their teeth and any dental concerns. If you are in the Bendigo area, then search for a dentist in Bendigo, Australia to find a dentist that is great with children.


Curious George Visits the Dentist

Curious George visits the dentist is a great dental book for children based around teeth falling out! A scared George has to visit the dentist after an apple has made his tooth loose but is quickly reassured and enjoys his visit in the end.

How To Create An Outdoor Reading Area

While it can be comforting and cozy to read a book with the snow falling outside your window, it also can be magical reading a favorite novel outside in the sunshine. In fact, the only thing better than reading a great book is reading it with a peaceful ambiance to help you lose yourself in the story, words and place. While you may have seen several indoor reading nooks created in small spaces under the stairs or in the closet, now that we are approaching warmer months, the outdoors calls us to do the same thing too. Looking for some temporary escapes, there are backyard nooks that a new home or even an older one can help you create. 

  1. The Tent : A reading nook does not have to be a structure that is already built. Creating something simple for a day is just as easy and enjoyable. Think of creating just a simple tent from a flowing sheet on a tree branch. Add a few pillows and cushions on the ground and you’re ready to go! It’s a good reminder of childhood when you used to create tents like this under your bed and now you can enjoy in the fresh air. 

Image: Daniel’s Lawn and Tree 

  1. Hidden Garden: If you are lucky enough to have a backyard full of trees, you can also create a hidden garden theme reading area. For this, think about picking out a shaded spot and adding outdoor chairs or a couch with colorful patterns or prints for pillows. You can also fill the space with lots of flowers that are either planted in the ground or in containers. If you’re not sure what type of flowers would work best for your hidden garden, ask the experts! Daniel’s Lawn and Tree provides a variety of services that can help you find the perfect peonies or dainty daffodils to bring color, light and smells to your reading oasis. If trees are needing to add more room for your garden, they also offer tree care in the New Castle area, landscaping maintenance or landscaping installation.  
  1. Cottage Nook: Creating a reading nook in the form of a cottage shed is the way to go if you’re fan of classic novels such as Jane Austen or Emily Bronte. Your local hardware store can help you create the cottage shed you’re envisioning. They offer standalone sheds that are able to be converted into a nook with just a little DIY and work on your end. Inside, you could add a few coats of paint, bookshelves, a comfortable sofa or table and chairs as well as a small little portable air conditioner when the weather gets even warmer. On the outside, add some decorative flowers or a cute sign that says ‘shh I’m reading’ on the door handle so others do not disturb you. 
  2. Pool Nook: We all love to enjoy a good book by the pool but how can you make it even more peaceful? Grab a few chairs, a soft towel and headphones to enjoy your reading area. Add some shade with an umbrella, a cold water bottle to keep you hydrated and some snacks as well. If you don’t have a pool but enjoy the water, bring out headphones and add water sounds such as the ocean or pool to keep you engaged. 

There are several other new ideas to create outdoor reading nooks to match your personality and how you want to enjoy your new novel. If you prefer to sit in a stuffy chair with a support, a comfortable oasis with plush pillows and blankets or just a blanket on the grass, your reading nook should reflect you and how to get lost in a book. 

Top 5 eBook Apps to Make the Most Out of Your Love for Reading

black smartphone showing yellow and white square logo

In this digital era, eBooks are becoming a game-changer for book lovers. They have easily replaced the printed books. Rather than cluttering your home with stacks of books or filling the valuable space in your suitcase while traveling, you can now, with an e-reader, read your favorite books, magazines and listen to the audiobooks that too in just one click. However, these e-readers are pretty much expensive. But don’t worry, even if you don’t have an e-reader, you can still read and download your favorite books by downloading an eBook reader app.

 Through these apps, you can quickly search for your favorite book and start reading immediately. So, whether you are looking out for chess books to read online for learning about chess, or you are just a book lover who loves to read fiction and non-fiction daily, here are some of the top eBook reader apps we have chosen for you.  

Top 4 eBook Reader Apps for All the Book Lovers: 

The Amazon Kindle App: 

Amazon Kindle is one of the best eBook reader apps for all book lovers who love to read online. This app allows you instant access to millions of eBooks, magazines, podcasts, and newspapers that too for free. Moreover, you can download the free preview of books before purchasing to avoid book buyer’s remorse. Furthermore, you don’t need a physical Kindle device to use this app, as you can easily download this app to your iOS and Android device.  

Besides this, the kindle app also has a variety of features and tools like a phrase highlighter, a note-taking tool, and the option to sync your account across many devices, so you can pick up from where you left off.  

Furthermore, you can also adjust the screen brightness so reading in the bright sunlight or the dark won’t be a problem. Also, you can choose the size and styles of your favorite fonts.  

Libby By Overdrive: 

Created by overdrive, Libby is another of the great eBooks reader app. Libby is a free app that can be downloaded on Android and iOS, which allows you to borrow books rather than buy them. So, not only can you read to your heart’s content without actually spending a dime, but your initial download is also free.  

There are millions of eBooks, audiobooks, and magazines from which you can choose. Furthermore, you can download your favorite books offline and stream them if you are short on phone memory.  

Moreover, just like Kindle, you can sync your accounts so you can switch between devices without losing your downloads. Plus, if you are from the US, you can send your borrowed or purchased eBooks through to Kindle to read on a larger screen if you prefer that.  

Besides this, you are also provided with a handy wish list feature to list down your favorite books you want to read in the future. 


Next on our list of best eBook reader apps is Wattpad. This app is mainly for those who are not tech-savvy and prefer a simple ebook reader app to get started immediately. Available for free for Android and iOS, this app provides you the automatic search function that lets you browse through millions of eBooks and community-submitted stories from every genre. Moreover, this app allows you to change the font size, style, and color and adjust screen brightness according to your preferences.  

But the thing that sets Wattpad apart from other eBook reader apps is its creative community focus. This app encourages its users to write and share their own stories. So, if you are a budding author or want to share your writings with other people, this app is undoubtedly perfect for you.  

Moreover, there are different community discussion groups where you can discuss the book you are reading currently. 

Kobo Books App: 

Another top-rated eBook reader app on our list is Kobo books apps. Like the other three apps, you can download this app on both Android and iOS for free. This app provides you millions of audiobooks and eBooks to choose from. And also, this app offers you the option to change the font size and style according to your preference. 

person reading story in Amazon Kindle tablet

Furthermore, you can even download books to access them offline, so you don’t miss out on your favorite books while traveling or at a place with a poor signal. Plus, it also has night mode to read the books at night without affecting your eyesight quickly.  

But the crowning feature that sets the Kobo books app apart from other eBook readers is its Reading life services feature. This feature is just like a giant online books club where you can easily share your favorite books, quotes you love and send notes to your friends and strangers that you come across the internet.  


These were some of the top eBook reader apps which you can download for free and enjoy all kinds of eBooks. So, why waste time on expensive e-readers when you want books for free. Therefore, download these apps and read as much as you love to read.  

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