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Emma’s Sunflower by Philippa Warden 

Genre: Children’s

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Book Blurb

Mother Nature has a cunning plan and, much to Emma’s delight, a discarded sunflower seed snuggled deep in the soil grows through the different seasons and emerges on her birthday. The sunflower attracts the family of greenfinch Emma feared lost back to the garden. This lovely picture book covers concepts of nature, birds, seasons, colors, and counting. It’s also created with a dyslexia friendly font.

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My Review

I love calm and sweet books that are good to read to your children at bedtime or anytime. Children get so much stimulation, reading a good book to them helps them to relax and just be a child. The best books have whimsical illustrations that draw the child into the artwork.

Emma’s Sunflower is such a beautiful little book. In it’s short 36 pages you’ll find the little girl named Emma. She loved to watch the birds and put sunflower seeds out for them to eat in the autumn. The birds loved it and spilled some on the ground.

When Spring came, what would happen to the birds? Join Emma and her sweet story.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your review of this book, it sounds like a wonderful story to share with my grandchildren

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