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But First, Rumi

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Book Summary

When Chitra discovered a stray cat in need of help, she never thought they’d wind up saving each other. Struggling to come to terms with an unexpected diagnosis, Chitra returned home to Oman seeking a sense of familiarity. What she discovered instead was a very special cat who changed her life. But First, Rumi is the story of how, day by day, Rumi and Chitra got to know one another, and as she learned to love the little stray, she began to see greater life lessons about herself, her family, her home country and her place in the world. 

What unfolds when girl and cat meet? What happens when you follow your heart? What if the world is not as it seems? Is it worth taking a chance? 

Print Length: 158 Pages

Genre: Memoir

But First, Rumi is available to purchase now on Amazon.com.

About the Author, Chitra Ramaswami

Chitra Ramaswami was born and raised in the Middle East by Indian parents, and her childhood was spent reading every book she could lay her hands on or writing stories and lines of poetry. As a result of traveling the world extensively and being a natural linguist, she is an amalgamation of many cultures and tastes and is constantly looking for the next experience she can immerse herself in. When she isn’t writing, Chitra rides horses, climbs mountains and is a passionate advocate for the Omani Mau/ street cat. She currently lives in New York with her husband and a very spoiled cat and hamster duo. 

Find her online at:

Author’s website: https://cramaswami.com/ 

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March 15th @ WOW! Women on Writing 

Join us at the WOW blog, The Muffin, to celebrate the launch of Chitra Ramaswami’s book But First, Rumi. You can read an interview with the author, find out more information about this touching memoir, and win a copy for yourself! 


I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

My Review

This is a sweet story of a young lady named Chitra. She lives in New Jersey but often visits her family in Oman. She has a very close family and she loves coming back to her beautiful country. She describes all of the area surrounding her family’s apartment building. She has recently been suffering from some strange physical symptoms.

Chitra experiences dizziness and fainting-type spells. As it often happens, diagnosing her problem isn’t automatic. She has to go through a few events before the doctors test her with an EEG. It appears that she has seizure activity and she is started on Keppra for Epilepsy. My son has had the same episodes and diagnosis of partial seizures.

As she is struggling to adjust to having this disorder and the treatment, she needs rest. A visit to Oman with her family is just what is needed. They take good care of her there. While she’s resting, she notices the stray cats. There is one particular cat that seems to latch on to her and she feeds and befriends the cat. She eventually names it Rumi.

Over a long period of time the cat becomes her pet. Even though her father won’t allow animals in the house, she sets up a little bed outside the door. She tries very hard to protect Rumi from the neighborhood bullies and other cats who like to fight. Then, one day Rumi is gone. What could happen to him? Chitra finally finds him, but he is with a girl cat and becomes very aggressive. She finds that he is injured. After taking Rumi to the veterinarian, she’s told that he must come inside to recover. She keeps him inside and away from her father. But, when he discovers the cat she knows that she must find a good home for Rumi. Is anyone going to want an older cat? Chitra must return to America soon. Rumi has been a great distraction and source of comfort for Chitra. Now, you have to find out what will become of Rumi.

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