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Girl with Secrets

A coming of age war story and family saga full of romance, mystery and danger in London’s East End. From the Sunday Times and ebook bestselling author of the Lizzie Flowers series and A Wartime Christmas comes a gripping NEW coming-of-age saga about love, loyalties and secrets.

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‘Surely one of the best saga writers of her time’ – Rosie Clarke

1938, East London. Nine year old Daisy Purbright is a country girl at heart and together with beloved brother Bobby, they’ve enjoyed the endless freedoms of rural England.

But when her father gambles the family’s fortunes on a speculative investment in London’s docklands, Daisy and her family are swept up into the intrigue, danger and excitement.Desperately the Purbrights attempt to settle to a new life in the East End, but the whisperings of war grow louder.

Then, one late afternoon in September 1940, Adolf Hitler conducts a paralysing bombardment on London and war tightens its grip. Life changes dramatically and closely guarded secrets threaten the Purbrights’ happiness.

Can Daisy and her family survive one of the most fateful events of the 20th century?

Perfect for fans of Nadine Dorries, Pam Howes, Rosie Clarke and Dilly Court.

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Author Bio

Mum and Dad were both East Enders who were born on the famous or should I say the then infamous Isle of Dogs. Their family were immigrants who travelled to the UK from Ireland and France, while others emigrated to America.

As a child I would listen to the adults spinning their colourful stories, as my cousins and I drank pop under the table.

I know the seeds of all my stories come from those far off times that feel like only yesterday. So I would like to say a big heartfelt thank you to all my family and ancestors wherever you are now … UK, Ireland, France or America, as you’ve handed down to me the magic and love of story telling.

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Questions and Answers for Carol Rivers

Q. Have you always been a writer?

I’ve always been a storyteller – it’s in the Eastenders’ genes! I boast a huge cockney family, a tribe of East Enders, all survivors of the Blitz, evacuees, totters, costermongers, seamstresses, dockers, factory workers, you name it! Unlocking the secrets of such a vast family is my stock in trade.

Q. Have you been published for long?

I’m lucky enough to have been part of the publishing industry for over thirty years. Hales, D.C. Thompson, Harlequin Mills and Boon, Magna/Ulverscroft and Simon & Schuster. However, technically, I’m labelled a hybrid author, publishing both traditionally and independently.

Q. We know we can find your books in paperback and hardback but do they come in audio and large print too?

I’ve been published by Magna/Ulverscroft for well over a decade and have never known them to produce less than the perfect audio and large print product. Their liaison with authors is second to none, their artwork exemplary. But above all, these wonderful publishers provide books and audios for our precious libraries, the lifeblood of our reading communities. In other words everyone these days can enjoy the written word – without exception. What a joy!

Q. What are your most memorable books?

CHRISTMAS TO COME, my single ebook and LIZZIE FLOWERS AND THE FAMILY FIRM, the third book of the Lizzie Flowers trilogy, are some of my favourite works. As the late, great Jackie Collins would say, they are about feisty heroines who kick ass! I qualify this by admitting that last year’s book CHRISTMAS CHILD has blown me away. It was my first Victorian novel, a coming of age saga that I have so enjoyed writing and hope, at some point, to continue as a series.

Q. What made you decide to write this year’s book, GIRL WITH SECRETS?

I wanted a fresh challenge and a new kind of leading lady. Very soon Daisy Purbright made her presence known in my thoughts. It was then I realized my nine year old heroine was about to be caught up in a breathtakingly catastrophic moment of history, World War ll!

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