A Merry Little Christmas
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A Merry Little Christmas Reviewer Tour

Welcome to my review of “A Merry Little Christmas.” I received a digital copy via JustRead Publicity Tours. Opinions in this review are 100% my own.

A Merry Little Christmas
A Merry Little Christmas

A Merry Little Christmas – A Romano Family Novella by Brandy Bruce

Genre: Inspirational

Mandy Romano is the wife and mother in this lovely story. Her children are young and boisterous. Her husband runs restaurants and works very long hours. The holidays are almost here when Mandy is worn out, emotionally as well as physically.

Mandy had been a professional food critic who loved to write. But, between taking care of the children and home on her own, she was exhausted and beginning to show signs of depression. Thankfully, members of her family were taking notice.

Her wise mother-in-law stepped in to help Mandy with the children and to coax her husband into seeing what’s really happening to his wife. Between all the Romano clan, true love and care were shown to Mandy. They let her know that it was okay to take a time out and rest when she needed it.

Mandy knew something was wrong, but couldn’t really explain what she was missing. Her Christmas spirit was certainly not working this year. She was very blessed to have such a fantastic support system watching out for her.

But, with her husband’s old flame in town, would their marriage be safe? Would Mandy get all the help she needed or would their marriage end up as another sad statistic?

I enjoyed and recommend this novella, which didn’t take long to read. The inspirational read showed how real Christianity works in a family. Although problems can and will appear in any family, there are ways that we can support the ones we love.

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