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The Land Girls of Goodwill House

August 1940

As Autumn approaches, Lady Joanna Harcourt is preparing for new guests at Goodwill House – land girls, Sally, Daphne and Charlie.

Sally, a feisty blonde from the East End, has never seen a cow before, but she’s desperate to escape London and her horrible ex, Dennis. And although the hours are long and the work hard, Sal quickly becomes good friends with the other girls Daphne and Charlie and enjoys life at Goodwill House.

Until Dennis reappears threatening to drag her back to London. Sal fears her life as a land girl is over, just as she finally felt worthy. But Lady Joanna has other ideas and a plan to keep Sal safe and doing the job she loves.

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My Review

The cover of the book makes the reader think of light-hearted, joyful days for these lovely young ladies. But after reading a little bit on the cover, it’s easy to see that this historical saga is based on difficult times in England during WWII. When everyone had a job to do to help the war effort, there were all kinds of services to join that would help to protect the homeland.

Living outside of Ramsgate was an air base that was very close to Goodwill House, owned by the Harcourt family. Lady Harcourt and her elderly mother were in charge and to take care of all her tenant’s farms, Land Girls were hired. These were girls who signed up to help keep the farms producing during the war when the men weren’t there to work the fields.

This book has a huge number of characters, but the main ones are Joanne (Lady) Harcourt, John Sargeant, and the Goodwill girls. The saga is extremely interesting, as the book goes back and forth from the adventures of the girls and Joanne. She has an affair (which is fairly graphic), mention of an attempted rape, and violence of war, so I would give this book a PG-16 rating.

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Fenella J. Miller is the bestselling writer of over eighteen historical sagas. She also has a passion for Regency romantic adventures and has published over fifty to great acclaim. Her father was a Yorkshireman and her mother the daughter of a Rajah. She lives in a small village in Essex with her British Shorthair cat.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your review of The Land Girls of Goodwill House, this sounds like an excellent read and I am looking forward to it

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