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The Earl's Lady Geologist

Title: The Earl’s Lady Geologist Series: The Linfield Ladies Series Author: Alissa Baxter Publisher: Vinspire Publishing Release Date: February 28, 2021 Genre: Clean Regency Romance Cassandra Linfield is a lady fossil collector who declares she will never marry as no man will ever take her studies seriously. When circumstances force her to travel to Town for the Season, Cassy infiltrates the hallowed portals of the Geological Society from which she has been banned. She is horrified when she comes face to face with her nemesis, the infuriating Earl of Rothbury. Lord Rothbury is a gentleman-geologist with a turbulent romantic past. After a youthful disappointment, he vows never to fall in love again and makes the decision, instead, to seek out a convenient wife when he returns to England from his geological travels abroad. Brought together by their close family ties, Cassy and Rothbury collaborate on a geological paper and discover a powerful attraction. Marriage, however, is the one subject they cannot agree upon. But when Cassy’s life is threatened, the two realize that love matters more than their objections.

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Alissa Baxter
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Alissa Baxter wrote her first Regency romance, The Dashing Debutante, during her long university holidays. After traveling the world, she settled down to write her second Regency romance, Lord Fenmore’s Wager, which was inspired by her time living on a country estate in England.

Alissa then published two chick-lit novels, The Truth About Clicking Send and Receive (previously published as Send and Receive) and The Truth About Cats and Bees (previously published as The Blog Affair). Many years later, Alissa returned to her favorite time period and signed a three-book contract with Vinspire Publishing for her Linfield Ladies Series, a trio of Regency romances that feature women in trend-setting roles who fall in love with men who embrace their trailblazing ways… at least eventually. Alissa currently lives in Johannesburg with her husband and two sons. She is a member of The Beau Monde – Regency Fiction Writers.
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The Earl's Lady Geologist

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Lord Rothbury’s silence unnerved her, and she peeked at him. His grim profile said more than words. They walked on, and she racked her brain for a suitable topic to deflect attention from her controversial hobby.

She’d never been good at making polite conversation. She preferred to discuss interesting subjects in depth rather than flitting from one shallow topic to the next. No wonder Cousin Agnes despaired of her.

The silence stretched between them until her taut nerves insisted she break it. “Is Aunt Ella well?”

He came to an abrupt halt, and Cassy along with him. He frowned, and she released his arm as if it were a snake. Why did he have to glower so?

“My mother is concerned about your well-being. Your cousin wrote her a fine tale about your unorthodox activities here in Lyme. My mother asked me to ascertain whether Mrs. Linfield’s letters were in any way exaggerated. I see now they were not.”

She drew in a sharp breath. Cousin Agnes frequently threatened to write to Aunt Ella about her activities, but it was a shock to discover she had done so. How unfortunate that Lord Rothbury had discovered her on the beach today—muddy, untidy and much the worse for wear. She could not appear more unladylike if she had tried.

She eyed him doubtfully. “It…it may be slightly unorthodox for a lady to hunt for fossils, but I assure you I am not the only female in Lyme who does so. Mary and Miss Philpot are often here as well. Cousin Agnes fusses so.”

“And yet…” His grey eyes narrowed. “My mother is no fusspot, and she is as concerned about your activities as Mrs. Linfield is.”

Her brow creased. “She is? Cousin James spent many weeks over the last few summers hunting along the beach with Papa and me. Your mama made no objection then.”

“My mother’s concern is not for my brother.”

“Only for me?”


“But why? It puts me out of all patience. I dislike being cooped up indoors, and fossil hunting is a hobby I enjoy.”

“Surely you must see why it is inadvisable, ma’am.” Impatience edged his tone. “When you were a child, it did not matter. But now you are an unmarried lady, and you have yet to make your come-out in London. Collecting fossils is an eccentric activity for a young lady on the lookout for a suitable husband.”

Her hands clenched into fists. “I see no difficulty then, my lord, as I am not on the lookout for a suitable husband.”

“Come now, ma’am. Surely you must see the lack of sense in that statement.”

Her eyes glittered. “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single lady in possession of a good fortune must be in no want of a husband.”

“And it is also a truth universally acknowledged that a single lady with a penchant for novel reading is not always wise.”

She gritted her teeth. He was impossible. She longed to give him a heated dressing-down, but it would do her no good. 

My Review

There’s nothing sweeter than a romance set in the Jane Austen era, with all of the wonders of high society and English ladies. Cassy Linfield, the independent 20-year old orphan is almost ready for her coming out in London. She hopes to then collect her inheritance and open a shop with another unmarried lady.

Cassy’s only love is her fossils. She has spent so much time collecting fossils on the beach near her home in Lyme that she doesn’t see any other future. She’s the accomplished daughter of a geologist and has even written a paper anonymously offered in the men’s domain.

She’s sworn off marriage after seeing her mother go through numerous miscarriages and dying from one. She doesn’t want to end up like her mother. But, nothing has prepared her for Lord Rothbury.

Lord Rothbury is at first very put off by Cassy, because of her non-feminine ways. Over time and many times spent in each other’s company, they begin to fall for one another. When Edward finally proposes she rejects him. It doesn’t help that he mentions how it would be a marriage of convenience.

Many more adventures await as they keep running into each other all through the summer. Will Cassy change her mind or will Edward give up? You’ll enjoy this book with comedy, romance, and a little adventure, too.

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