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I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion. Affiliate link included.

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Stronger Every Day

Author Janell Rardon

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My Review

With the strain on our mental health this past year, we could all use some help in becoming emotionally healthy. Reading the beautiful language in Stronger Every Day, I feel renewed and ready to take on the process of using the 9 Tools in this book. Though it appears to be a self-help book, it is so much more. Using the Heartlift Method, the author shows us how to create a life filled with meaning.

The Heartlift Method is “a threefold cognitive, emotional, and spiritual healing process that involves reflecting, reframing, and reauthoring your history of hurts into a vision of victory.” The author does talk a great deal using terms that are new to many of us. She provides a glossary to help, because we can always learn better with true understanding.

I love the Resources that are scattered throughout the book. As she discusses studying the book with other women, there is a link to her website with resources to make that easy and more thorough. She shares many emotional journeys and travels that influenced her in her walk with God. She teaches about the importance of relationships and the community of Christ. I plan to read this book again, using some of the author’s resources to learn all apply all of the 9 Tools in my personal life.

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