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Shadows at NightfallTitle: Shadows at Nightfall Series: Quest of Fire #3 Author: Brett Armstrong Publisher: Scrivenings Press Release Date: September 2021 Genre: Christian Epic Fantasy

The shadows of Jason’s past have caught him. Having stepped into the Quest of Fire, Jason is pursued by a league of assassins formed of pure darkness. To his horror he discovers these creatures also were contracted to eliminate Anargen and his friends as they sought to understand the Tower of Light’s oracle. To unravel the mystery of who wants him dead and how he fits into the ages old quest, Jason must travel the lengths of the Lowlands. In the Ziljafu deserts a secret awaits him that will shake him to his core. He’ll have to move fast and cling fiercely to hope, as Anargen’s story twists down a bleak path to almost certain failure. The creatures of darkness in the Lowlands have long waited for men to spurn the High King’s laws. With few concerned for the light and everything falling apart around them, Jason and Anargen will face the shadows of night’s falling as their world hangs in the balance. PURCHASE LINKS*: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository | IndieBound | BookBub



Brett Armstrong

Brett Armstrong has been exploring other worlds as a writer since age nine. Years later, he still writes, but now invites others along on his excursions. He’s shown readers haunting, deep historical fiction (Destitutio Quod Remissio), scary-real dystopian sci-fi (Day Moon and Veiled Sun), and dark, sweeping epic fantasy (Quest of Fire). Every story is a journey of discovery and an attempt to be a brush in the Master Artist’s hand. Through dark, despair, light, joy, and everything in between, the end is always meant to leave his fellow literary explorers with wonder and hope. Always busy with a new story, he also enjoys drawing, gardening, and spending time with his wife and son.

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It dropped into momentarily solid form and he swung his sword around, catching it across its exposed torso. As it collapsed, scorched and shuddering, Anargen just glimpsed the blow from an enormous war hammer as it swung full force at him. He caught it with his shield, but the impact knocked him backward off his feet.

Tumbling, Anargen scrambled to get back to his feet. A throwing knife landed inches from where he was a second earlier. The ground leading to the riverbank was littered with small stones and complicated getting his footing.

The war hammer wielder swirled, reformed behind Anargen, and swung for his back. It forced Anargen to drop, roll, and bring up only a hasty block against the next swing. Once more, the force of it drove him to the ground. He was pinned, and he couldn’t get up or roll out of the way with the creature hulking over him. Over and over, he threw up his shield to intercept the next blow. His arms ached and faltered under the strikes. Things were spiraling downward for him. If he didn’t take care to aim his shield rightly, he could end up breaking his arm. Not blocking would be death.

Shadows covered his head as another Sombra loomed over him. Its form materialized, and he could see it was the axe-wielder. He was looking down on Anargen, and though his lower face was obscured, Anargen could see the pleasure in the bunching of his cheeks around his eyes. The creature raised his axe to sever Anargen’s head.


(2) winners will receive a $10 Amazon gift card, print copy of Shadows at Nightfall, and Quest of Fire digital exclusives (map, theme music, and digital making of the direnoir poster)!

Shadows at Nightfall JustRead Giveaway

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