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Raising Chickens for Beginners by O.Banks 

15th – 23rd November

Genre: Non-Fiction

Pages: 140 pages

Raising Chickens for Beginners


How to raise chickens like a pro — even if you have zero experience with animals!

Have you been toying with the idea of becoming more self-sustainable?

Are you exploring the option of raising chickens?

Do you have absolutely no idea where to start?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Doing anything for the first time can be intimidating — and the stakes are even higher when your new hobby involves being responsible for something that’s, well, alive.

What’s more, the increasing popularity of self-sustainability practices has led to a plethora of information being available online, much of it completely unreliable and sometimes straight out dangerous.

But with decades of poultry growing experience under his belt, and a strong dedication to helping newbies master the techniques, knowledge, and tools they need to become pros in no time, Otis Banks is here to help.

Under his guidance, raising chickens will not only become uncomplicated, but also a complete joy.

And it’s not just about the delicious eggs you’ll be able to enjoy each morning.

You’ll soon find yourself developing a rapport with these delightful birds, and you’ll be amazed at how raising them will transform your life.

Spending time with them after work will help you immediately relax and refocus on what truly matters in life.

And if you have young kids, you’ll marvel at the beautiful relationships they’ll develop with their feathered friends — and at how much they will learn from them.

In Raising Chickens for Beginners, here’s just a fraction of what you’ll discover:

  • 5+ scenarios you absolutely need to prepare yourself for — and how
  • A list of all the precautions you need to take before you embark on your exciting adventure, including the laws you need to consider
  • How to prepare for your flock’s arrival, and which breeds are best for beginners
  • How to choose the perfect feed for your flock, and how to tell how much you need to feed them and when
  • Common chicken health problems you need to be aware of, including signs, causes, home-made treatments, and advice on when to seek veterinary help
  • Why eggs sometimes… disappear — and what you can do about it
  • Everything you need to know to stay on top of litter management, including how to maintain a coop that’s nasty-smell free
  • How timing your egg collection can literally make or break your eggs
  • Tips to keep your chickens warm in the winter and cool in the summer
  • 6 reasons why hens may not lay eggs — and what you can do to help them

And much more!

Written with a complete beginner in mind, this easy-to-understand guide will give you the confidence you need to expertly navigate this amazing and unimaginably rewarding world.

Accompanying you every step of the way, Otis Banks will help you discover the joys of raising chickens and help you go from an anxious beginner to a seasoned pro, before you even realize it.

Author Bio
Otis Banks is dedicated to teaching techniques, knowledge, and the tools necessary to help newbies and more advanced individuals in poultry keeping. He combines both past and new issues to consider when embarking on chicken growing. Currently resident in Canada, Otis spent part of his life in Europe, Asia, and Africa, where he has been involved in chicken growing since the age of seven.

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Chicken keeping has become one of the critical elements of self-sustainability, and although you may feel somewhat overwhelmed by the plethora of information and advice on the subject, rest assured that you will find plenty of support on these pages.

Apart from soothing the farming instinct you may have, raising your flock of chickens has many positive aspects. Gathering delicious, fresh eggs for breakfast certainly is one of the compensations for your efforts. Plus, displaying your flocks beautifully colored provisions in a basket on your kitchen counter is a daily reminder of the usefulness of these wonderful birds.

Keeping chickens is a great way to teach children to help take responsibility for caring, feeding, and cleaning up after their pets. The kids will also learn about the natural life cycle of these birds and how they grow.

Provided the laws in your local neighborhood allow, raising chickens in the yard brings a bit of rural life to your doorstep. There is little to beat that farm touch for adding the glamour and interest of a small brood of chickens to your garden.

Not only are these feathered creatures pretty adaptable, but they’re also a valuable, organic tool in keeping ticks, harmful bugs, and pesky critter populations down. Chickens make excellent pets. Despite some hens being manic and mean, the majority are delightful, intelligent birds that respond well to positive interaction with their people.

Watching your chickens play out their daily routine can be a very satisfying experience. Their uncomplicated approach to life may have a calming Zen effect on your nerves after a busy day at the office. Besides providing nutritious food, these feathered members of your extended family are likely to bring you great satisfaction and joy (Frame, 2010).

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