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This is my post during the blog tour for Looking for Caylie by Misty Wolf. In Looking for Caylie, author Misty Wolf takes you inside her journey as she fights to discover the cause of Caylie’s rapid cognitive regression and mental health deterioration.

This blog tour is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours and the tour runs from 11 till 24 July. You can see the tour schedule here.

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Looking for Caylie
By Misty Wolf
Genre: Non-fiction Memoir
Release Date: 15 July 2022

In “Looking for Caylie,” author Misty Wolf takes you inside her journey as she fights to discover the cause of Caylie’s rapid cognitive regression and mental health deterioration. Wolf bravely challenges traditional IEP narratives in education by dismantling the school vs. parents mentality and establishing each team member was on Caylie’s side. The authentic and raw accounts as Caylie and Misty’s navigation within the US medical system and disability support reminds us that we are not alone in our journey.

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The days when Caylie could function within society became fewer and further between. One of the more challenging moments happened at T.J. Max just before her next appointment with Dr. Fleisher. Caylie, Mom, and I went shopping to get a change of scenery.

I had explained to Caylie that she could only have one stuffed animal on the visit. Although she had repeated it to me before we went in—she could only buy one—she had two when it was time to check out. I asked her to put one back, and Caylie had an outburst. She took to yelling, and swatting at my hands, trying to reach the second stuffed animal.

The hardest part of an invisibility disability outburst is that the cashier was left frightened. While my Mom and I were used to the behaviors, others were not. I was able to get Caylie back to the car while Mom finished checking out.

By the time we reached Caylie’s appointment on September 4, I was fighting with my family, Caylie’s school, and anyone who dared to become an obstacle in my quest to help my daughter.

Caylie saw me as the evil mommy who didn’t let her have her way, and she took to throwing things at me, or trying to pull my hair out. While I knew I was strong enough to continue, living on fear and adrenaline takes its toll on physical and mental health.

Misty Wolf

About the Author:
Misty Wolf resides in Santa Clarita, California, alongside of her beloved Caylie, her parents, and their Shih Tzu named Gilly Goose. Misty focuses her writing and speaking on her experiences of being a mother of a child with a rare mutation disability. Misty shares her time between writing and being a full-time caretaker. In addition to her book and writing works, you can find Misty at home crafting or watching Angels Baseball.

Prior to being a full-time caregiver and writer, Misty enjoyed a career in quality and project management. Misty completed her educational experience with a Bachelor of Arts in Project Management with a minor in Criminal and Civil Law, and Masters in Criminal Justice with a specialization in forensics. Misty has always had a dream of becoming a lawyer. She advocates for always finding the truth logically in situations that translate to her experiences shared within her book.

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  1. When my oldest was in public school, I fought so much with his school regarding his IEP. They never would follow it like it was agreed upon at his ARD meeting. It was a pain! I pulled him out of school his sophomore year and homeschooled him. He did so much better being homeschooled.

    1. I’m so glad that you could do that. I also homeschooled after my first child got punched over and over at school in first grade. My kids did great, too.

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