How the Strawberry Got Its Seeds

How the Strawberry Got Its Seeds

How the Strawberry Got Its Seeds, 2nd Edition

Book 2, The Fairy Awakenings series

Children’s books, fairy books, magical, self-esteem for children, self-love for children

Date Published: 10/15/2020

Publisher: Generally Verbose

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This is a story of a young girl who learns self-worth by embracing the very “flaws” that make her beautiful. Strawella Berry is a spunky fairy that enters a singing competition only to realize winning doesn’t feel so good when one has to pretend to be someone they are not.

Alejandria Kate wrote How the Strawberry Got Its Seeds with the hope that Strawella’s story inspires children to celebrate being different as well as imparts courage and confidence to any child who has suffered self-esteem issues.


 About the Author

Alejandria Kate is a writer, author and certified Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner through the Sunlight Alliance Foundation. Alejandria is passionate about personal development and uplifting others.

She draws inspiration from the beauty – both large and small – that she observes in the world around her and from the quiet moments connected with Spirit and her own soul. She believes vulnerability is a strength and an open heart is a key to inner joy. She believes that through a shift in perspective beauty can be found within every experience.

Alejandria graduated from the Institute of Children’s Literature, where she studied writing for children and young adults. In her spare time she plays the Native American flute and hikes the walking trails in Southern California in her pursuit of viewing wildflowers.

It is Alejandria’s hope that readers feel comforted and inspired after reading her books.

Alejandria can be reached through her website,


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Children always love a story with magic and this one won’t disappoint. This book has vibrant and whimsical artwork that children will enjoy. The colors are so bright and happy, but there is also a wonderful message.

The little fairy Strawella Berry is adorable with her bright red hair and freckles. She loves fluiting, which is a way that fairies make beautiful music. There is an upcoming festival and Strawella really wants to enter.

But because she doesn’t have the perfect peachy complexion, she knows that she doesn’t have a chance. She wishes that her complexion was like the other fairies and feels like her freckles are a problem.

With a disguise she enters the competition and wins. The magic comes and when it does her freckles are revealed. The magic then creates the seeds for the strawberry and Strawella wins the trophy.

She gets her wish and the strawberry got its seeds. It’s a very sweet book that teaches children a good lesson about being different.

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