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Dogwood Plantation by Carrie Fancett Pagels





Dogwood Plantation is a work of historical fiction set in the time of the War of 1812 in Virginia. The main character is Cornelia, or Nell, as she’s referred to by her friends. She and all around her is in turmoil, because of the local outbreak of yellow fever. She loses many of those who are dear to her and the plantation is in disarray.

Her childhood friend and true love, Carter, has been summoned home to help get things at the plantation under control. There are young boys there who have been left orphans and need care. Nell has a young brother named Andy, who she must now provide care for, too.

Carter returns and is now wounded from the navy battle he served in. He is not the heir of the plantation, but must oversee it until Edward is old enough to assume his role. Carter has been living in Williamsburg and has a lady friend there who has been aggressively pursuing him, with the help of her father.

But, when he returns home he is again feeling his strong desire to be with Nell. She and Carter are hesitant to admit their feelings, but they are very real. Carter is afraid that she is going to be wed to her cousin and leave the plantation.

With all the subplots with family members and friends, this book is one that’s hard to put down. You’ll be wondering if Nell and Carter will somehow get together or will she be married to her dear cousin? And, characters will reveal their true stories, which aren’t what you first learned.

The Christian faith of many of the characters is woven through the book in a very real-life way. You’ll see, through their prayers, that some of them have strong faith. But, you’ll also see some struggle with God and His will. I loved how this book gave a true picture of salvation and trust in God.

I would recommend this book, especially for those of us who love history and historical fiction. Having lived in Virginia for 30 years, made this even more enjoyable.

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