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Castle of Refuge

Author: Melanie Dickerson

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

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Ever since she was a child, Audrey wanted her life to be extraordinary. But as the daughter of a viscount born in late fourteenth-century England, the only thing expected of her was to marry—until an act of malice by her sister, Maris, four years ago damaged her face and her prospects. Though Maris was sent away, twenty-year-old Audrey is still suffering the scars of her sister’s cruelty. When her father announces his plans to marry off his damaged daughter and bring Maris home, Audrey decides to flee in search of her true destiny.

However, life outside her home is dangerous, and she soon finds herself attacked, sick, and in desperate need of help. She is taken in at Dericott Castle to be nursed back to health. While there, she decides to keep her identity a secret and work as a servant in the castle. But she doesn’t count on falling in love with the young and handsome Lord Dericott, who lost his arm several months earlier and bears scars of his own.

Meanwhile, Edwin—Lord Dericott—is curious about the new, well-educated servant’s identity. All he knows is that he’s quickly becoming smitten with her. When the man Audrey’s father wanted her to marry comes looking for her, she and Edwin must make life-changing decisions about what to believe and whether or not love is truly worth trusting.

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My Review

This book is the story of a young lady named Audrey, who grew up as the traumatized daughter of a Viscount. Because her mother died in childbirth, Audrey and her big sister Maris, were not given motherly love and nurturing. The nanny and father showed favoritism to Audrey and Maris learned to hate Audrey. Maris’s hate grew so strong that she blamed Audrey for all her problems and became mentally ill. She was violent to Audrey and eventually tripped her so that she would fall into the fire.

Audrey was badly burned on the side of her face and was very ashamed of her scars. Her father had initially tried to marry her off to Edwin ( a potential earl), but her scars made the father pull away. He then tried to marry her off to a much older man, and Audrey was horrified. Maris, who had been temporarily placed in a convent, was home and quietly threatening Audrey with greater harm. That night, Audrey ran away as she was terrified of her sister’s plans.

Audrey was only a teen and very naive. She was robbed of her horse and money along the way of her escape. She almost reached a castle, but was afraid and feel down next to a tree. By chance, someone from the castle found her and brought her inside, and the housekeeper nursed her back to health. Audrey pretended to be a nobody and begged the owner of the castle (Edwin) to let her be a servant. She became a servant to hide her identity, being afraid that they would send her back home.

Maris comes after Audrey and brings a huge and loyal warrior with her. Maris is basically a pyschopath and kidnaps Audrey and later Edwin, too. Maris threatens to kill them both as they are trapped in the woods. They pray with all that is in them for God to deliver them. Will they survive? Will Audrey be tortured and damaged more by her sister’s hand? Will God answer their prayers? Will they end up together?

This book has so many dangerous events, twists, and turns! I enjoyed reading about Audrey and Edwin and how they looked to the Bible and their priest for guidance. This clean romance is filled with heart-pounding adventure.

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