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I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

Anchor My Heart by Sara Beth Williams

Genre: Contemporary Christian Romance

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My Review

Anchor My Heart: A Second Chance Novel is a tale of one man’s grief and mental health struggles. The story is about a man named Matt who loses his almost-fiance in an accident. They are young and in love and both serve in their church’s worship ministry. Matt is the worship leader and Andrea the lead singer.

Matt has a history of severe panic attacks and took medication to help him control them in his teen years. Now, he has been off the medication for a while before the tragedy. The worship team is extremely tight-knit and they seem to do everything together. This is Matt’s entire social circle and support system and they all try to be there for him in his grief. Although he is physically suffering the effects of grief, he doesn’t reach out for any help.

Matt stays in his apartment and ostracizes all who try to reach out to him. But then, Tara is better at finding a path to communicate with him. Tara is a younger member of the worship team and has lived through seeing another friend stray from the Lord after being grief-stricken. She vows that she won’t let the same thing happen to Matt.

Matt and Tara soon pair off and meet for coffee, walks, and dinner. Their friends sense that there is a blossoming romance between the two. Tara is very attracted to Matt, but doesn’t show him. Matt is almost instantly thinking about Tara in a romantic way, which seems very unlikely. He then struggles with his love for Andrea and his new-found intensifying attraction to Tara.

The largest part of the book is Matt going back and forth with his emotions, grief, and longing to be with Tara. The story moves very slowly, because there isn’t much else going on. This could be a book that might be very helpful for someone who is undergoing a time of grief or for someone who is trying to help a grieving friend. The too-soon relationship between Matt and Tara is the main plot. In the end, the reader will be waiting to see if they get together or remain cautious.

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  1. I love the romantic cover. Thanks for posting!

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