A Biblical Worldview on Mental Health for Children Book Review

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A Biblical Worldview on Mental Health for Children by Natalie Duhon, MS, LPC

Ages: Grades 1-6, but can be adapted for younger or older children

Genre: Christian, Books on Emotions/Feelings

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My Review

The title of this book is certainly accurate but doesn’t give the full picture of what you’ll find inside this huge and wonderful book. This book is a curriculum that parents can use at home with their child to teach them about mental wellness. It is presented from a Biblical standpoint, complete with Bible verses.

The author does a fabulous job of writing this 350 page book that covers: Emotions, Happiness, Peace, and Gratitude, Social and Communication Skills, and Biblical Learning to Improve Mental Health. These are just a few of the highlighted chapters.

In each chapter the author introduces the concept by using games, pictures, fill in the blanks, matching, crosswords, and art. There is a reflection at the end and this enables the parent to make sure that the child has truly understood the concept and can apply it to their situation.

Through journaling, drawing, and many other activities your child can learn to solve problems and not just react to what life throws at them. And, they’ll be able to do it using God’s word to live in peace and harmony.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful review of this book, it sounds like a great one to share with my grandchildren

  2. This sounds like a great book.

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