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In The Write Balance, the companion book to the beloved bestseller, Room to Write, Bonni Goldberg demonstrates how to find fulfillment as a writer by embracing three key aspects of writing: 1) Percolation: what takes place before a first draft is written; 2) Revision: the writer’s role after the initial draft; and 3) Going Public: the writer’s mission once the writing is done. Filled with tools, examples and exercises, Bonni’s guide offers motives, choices, and encouragement for writers to appreciate and to be creative in the phases before and beyond a first draft. Whether you’re new to writing or a pro, become more passionate and balanced in your writing life.



I wrote my first writing book. Room to Write, to invite people to enter writing creatively, to trust their intuition and discover and use their tendencies, passions, and resistances as fodder for more writing. At that time people seemed to need to free up their innate creative juices and get the words flowing. Since then, at book appearances and during my workshops and writing courses, I’ve repeatedly had this experience: People thank me for helping them to trust themselves as writers and then ask me how to take the next step. What do you see as the next step? I ask.

Whether the answer had to do with getting an agent, writing longer works, feeling legitimate, or any of the many other facets of creative writing, the undertone was the same: a sense of longing or unrest about writing. It felt as if each person was saying to me, “Okay, I get the words out, I even trust them sometimes; now what?” This book is my answer…

The writers I know who are passionate and grounded, who truly love and respect their writing life, consciously attend to three aspects of writing that often get short shrift in the heat and excitement of raw creation: 1. Percolation—the process that takes place before a first draft takes shape 2. Revision—the writer’s role after the initial draft 3. Going Public—a writer’s mission once the writing is done.



What experiences as a writer prompted you to write this book?

Bonni Goldberg

After Room to Write became popular, the original publisher asked me to write another book. And I had more to say about writing. But it took me time to land on the why. The topics in The Write Balance are important, often overlooked, or presented from a narrow perspective. Still, to put them together, I felt I needed a reason, an underlying theme.

At that juncture, my experience of the writing world was limited to literary writers on the East coast in the U.S. The most noticeable and concerning trends I witnessed during and after writing events was that many writers were bitter, despairing, and self-loathing about their own writing and their publishing journey. It made me sad. And truth be told, I’d had my share of painful and abusive experiences in the writing community. Yet I didn’t feel bitter. That made me want to explore why.

The answer I discovered (and began teaching) drew from concepts I learned through acupuncture, parenting, yoga and from the legacy of my Jewish identity. I’d also moved to the West Coast and joined an international community of writers. My realization was that writing is a fulfilling calling when you combine two practices. The first is to create balance by giving attention to each aspect of the process. The second is accepting that the writing process is the main point rather than any single outcome like a book, poem or publication.

When the underlying theme was clear to me, I could share the tools and perspectives I have to offer others. Percolating, revising and going public are key to embracing your writing, dispelling insecurity and disappointment, and having a long and satisfying writing life.



AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Bonni Goldberg is the author of The Write Balance: How to Embrace Percolation, Revision & Going Public, the companion book to the best-seller Room to Write: Daily Invitations to a Writer’s Life. Bonni is an award-winning poet and writer. She is the creator of the 2 Minute Journals™ series. Both traditionally and indie published, her books include non-fiction for adults and fiction and non-fiction for young readers. Her essays and blog posts can be found in numerous print and online publications.

Bonni teaches creative writing at colleges and leads writing workshops internationally for all ages. She knows everyone is creative, and she supports people to discover and share their authentic, meaningful and imaginative experiences through words.

Whether through her writings or through teaching, her methods and perspectives continue to empower thousands of adults, families, and children.

Bonni is also a Jewish educator. She speaks, writes, and leads workshops on Jewish topics such as Jewish identity, rituals and antisemitism at Jewish women’s events, JCCs, and conferences.

Bonni Goldberg lives in Portland, Oregon with her partner in life, and some creative projects, artist Geo Kendall.

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