The Bull Rider’s Fresh Start Reviewer Tour

This book was voluntarily reviewed. An ebook was provided for reading and the review is my own.

This book has a beautiful cover showing a cowboy holding a baby. His name is Landon and he’s trying to overcome spill addiction. After a accident, he lives with pain and became addicted to OxyContin. He has been in recovery and doing great!

After the death of his friend and his friends wife, Landon is asked to take care of a baby. This little girl is needing care Landon has no babysitting experience, but does it for his friend’s sake. When the mother comes to his home to get the baby it’s none other than the lady he had a one-night stand with. They both regretted the time, but now she knows she must tell him that he’s the father.

He’s upset that he didn’t know and she doesn’t want to share custody of her. The single mother, Kelsey, is very untrusting because Landon is very attracted to her but thinks that it would be impossible to create a relationship with all the hurt feelings, especially after Landon’s prior drug problem.

Landon really wants a fresh start with Kelsey as well as Adeline, sweet new daughter.

I love how all the characters have faith in God and are often praying for God’s help and guidance.I believe that you’re going to love this book.

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