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Ivoluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

The Baby’s Christmas Blessing by Meghann Whistler!

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When you read a Christmas novel, it’s normal to expect some type of miracle to occur. The Baby’s Christmas Blessing has a background filled with sadness and grief, so how could there be any joy this Christmas? When the leading lady wants God to guide her with life decisions, miracles can happen.

Chloe and Steven met in high school at a church camp. They enjoyed their time there, especially the last night. Steve had kissed Chloe and her heart was his. But when they returned home, he had never made contact with her and she was brokenhearted. Instead of trying to find out why, Chloe assumed he didn’t love her.

As life went on, Steven had become a Physical Therapist and had opened his own PT clinic. He bought a small home, but had gone into tremendous debt. His sister died and left him a newborn boy to raise. He was desparate for help! His great-aunt hired Chloe to be a nanny for two weeks.

Chloe had put off her Teacher Education intership twice and just had to finish it this time. She had failed to graduate twice because she postponed this step due to helping others. Nothing was going to stop her from reaching her dreams now.

With Chloe leaving town and no one to take care of the baby, Steve was going to lose his clinic. Should he sell his house? In this book it certainly got worse before it got better. So many bad things hurt the two of them. Were they going to turn to the only one who could provide the miracle they needed?

I love this type of Christmas book. So many times we all feel like “when it rains it pours” as it did with the characters in this book. We have many choices, but the best choice is to just give God control.

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