Small Things and Great

Morgan Le Fay: Small Things and Great (Fata Morgana Series Book 1)

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Morgan is a little girl who lives in Tintagel Castle by the sea, loved and sheltered by her noble parents, the Duke and Duchess of Belerion. An extraordinarily clever child, extremely sharp-eyed, exceptionally curious. A little girl unlike other children.

One stormy night a ship is wrecked off the coast, bringing with it new friends – Fleur the princess from a far-off land, Safir the stowaway with a secret, and the mysterious twins Merlin and Ganieda. Morgan’s visions of another world awaken her to the realisation that she can see things others cannot. That she has powers other people do not possess.

Not long afterwards, Morgan encounters Diana, the Moon Huntress, who charges her with a dangerous mission that only she can accomplish. With Merlin by her side and unsure if he is friend or foe, Morgan must venture far from home to enter the realms of the Piskies and the Muryans, warring tribes of faeries who vie for the souls of lost children. There she must summon her magic to fight the most ancient powers in the world, to rescue a young soul destined to be reborn …


Morgan had never seen the sea like this.
The white-topped waves swirled and crashed beneath her, reaching up as if trying to grab her as she floated above the stormy ocean. She swayed to and fro in the wind, watching the long arms of the waves beneath her bare toes, feeling sick and terrified of the sea’s anger below. The sea foam spray hit her face as the fierce wind propelled the waves upwards to form a mighty wall. She sensed the heavy black clouds above looming over her, ready to burst with fury.
On sunny days Morgan loved seeing reflections of the sky’s different colours as they rippled across the sea, or gazing through the turquoise water to spot darting silver flashes of life under the surface. But now the waters gave back only darkness. The storm clouds were transforming the grey-green to an inky black and Morgan could see no light or life of any kind. The sky above her erupted, raining down bright swords and spears of light all around her, illuminating the darkness in brief snatches.
In the five years of her life, Morgan had never felt more helpless or frightened. She tried to shout but the roar of thunder that crashed around her drowned her cries. The wind gathered force and began blowing and battering Morgan in all different directions, carrying her through the air across the endless ocean. She tried to raise her arms to fight against the gale, but they seemed weighed down. Looking down, she saw that her small thin wrists were manacled together with irons, like her father’s prisoners before they were cast into the dungeons. Morgan opened her mouth to scream and heard sounds of terror that did not come from inside her but from all around her, like echoes of her own panic.

Author Bio


Jo-Anne Blanco was born in Brazil to an English mother and Spanish father. She has spent much of her life travelling around the world as a teacher. Her travels, together with her lifelong passion for reading, writing and storytelling, inspired her to embark upon her Fata Morgana epic fantasy series, about the life and adventures of Morgan le Fay. Mythology, fairy tales and Arthurian legend are all major influences on her work, and her ongoing journeys to countries of great landscapes and folklore are never-ending sources of inspiration.

She is the author of Morgan Le Fay: Small Things and Great and Morgan Le Fay: Children of This World. These novels are the first two books in the Fata Morgana series.

Morgan Le Fay: Giants in the Earth, the third novel in the series, will be published in 2020.

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